Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finish-a-Long Quarter 2

I'm joining Rhonda's Finish a Long once again. The first quarter I was able to complete 2 of my 5 WIP's on my list, i'm hoping for better results the 2nd time around. I also have Katy on my side this time, who promised to be my taunting bloggy friend pushing me along.. Thanks Katy, can always count on you :)

Anywho, here's what i'd like to get done in this quarter..

1. Finish Granny Squares lap quilt

2. Finish Chasing Chevrons quilt

3. Retro Flowers QAL top
4. Crochet Lego blanket
5. Complete letters C-Z on my ABC Halloween cross stitch

Attainable? I'd like to think so 
Now, spring break starts at 3:30 EST for me, 
so if I fall off the face of the earth, i'm sleeping and sewing


  1. Crochet Lego blanket?? Show me, show me!

  2. I want to see that too and the cross stitch finished ;) x

  3. I like number 5. No messing there with most of the alphabet left :)

  4. Yay about Sewing Summit. And Those Granny's are awesome. I have a chevron quilt on my to do list. What design/tutorial are you doing?

  5. Ahh, you're doing the Chasing Chevrons! I love that design. (that girl....that quilt blog, right?).

    The grannies look great. :)

  6. Oh, you know, any time you need a heap of abuse, I'm your woman ;o) Now get sewing!

  7. Love those granny blocks!!
    Can't wait to see the chasing chevrons quilt! =D


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