Thursday, April 19, 2012

Retro Flowers cont'd.

So, since Katy called me out yesterday and thinks i've been slacking off..  here's the proof i've been working hard and the rain really did prevent pictures for yesterdays w.i.p. post! :)

I've completed 6 more blocks for the Retro Flowers QAL!
All in DS's Hope Valley 

All the completed blocks so far..
11 down, 5 more to go

This is a part of my FAL for the 2nd quarter so it is technically productive..
(so there Katy!) 
even if it is the stack of quilt tops.. 


  1. These look great!! I picked up a curvemaster foot at a quilt show this weekend now I just need to buy the pattern and pick some fabrics!

  2. You are rocking those blocks girl! Can't believe how quickly you're getting it done - just ignore that nasty Katy, she's just jealous ;o)

  3. Love the retro flowers!! They're awesome!

  4. oh my - I like your retro flowers better than any I've seen - perfect fabric choices for this pattern IMHO.

  5. Oh don't listen to Katy!
    These are looking amazing - I want to get back to mine on the weekend x

  6. Well okay, I'll let you off... ;o) Looking good!

  7. Love the colours! Looks like the makings of a great quilt there =D

  8. So pretty!! They look amazing together :)

  9. I love the color/fabric combination. These look great.


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