Monday, April 23, 2012

Retro Flowers finale? or not?

This weekend was wet.. and cold.. and more wet, and its looking like this week will be more of the same. That just means I have more reason to get some sewing done! :)

I basted and pinned both my SHG quilt top and my granny squares quilt top this weekend.. no quilting progress to show, though I did get some done.
I need thoughts and opinions.. for the Chasing Chevrons quilt top, how would you quilt it? I was thinking of dying some organic wavy lines, but then I really liked this chevron quilting (btw how amazing is that quilt).

So, thoughts and opinions would be GREATLY appreciated - I'm trying not to take away from the quilt top with the quilting - the backing is a solid piece of blue fabric and I'm planning to use gray thread to quilt it..

Okay, onto the actual sewing this weekend. I finished 5 more of my Retro Flowers blocks bringing the grand total to 16!

Excuse the lopsided pictures, it was starting to drizzle and I wanted to get the pictures taken during the brief pause in rain!
I put all the blocks together in Picasa to see what the layout could look like

When we laid it out on the floor I started thinking about how a 5x5 would look..
then I realized the Hope Valley line is 24 fabrics and I happen to have them all..
I'd only need to supplement one fabric to make my 5x5
I'll give you one guess as to what I did next..



  1. Man girl you were busy and ROCKED IT! Your retro flowers look great!!

  2. Lol, mine are definitely staying at 3 x 3. Good luck with the quilting of the chevrons, maybe quilt chevrons in the direction they're going? Sorry, my ideas when it comes to quilting are crap!

  3. I think I like the diagonal lines. I think using an organic wave might take away from the geometric top.

  4. WOW ! and I love the flower blocks, great fabric.

  5. I love that chevron quilt. I think diagonal lines as well.

  6. Oh man! Your retro flowers quilt (in hope valley!) is going to be amazing! I have some hope valley stashed away for a swoon, but your's is starting to have me wish I had double yardage to make one of these.

  7. Looks like you were a busy little bee this weekend! I was going to say why not just quilt it with one big chevron, then I clicked over to your link. Sounds like a plan to me. Your retro flowers are looking awesome, too! 25 of those dudes sounds like a lot of work!

  8. Wow you got a lot done. Possibly go with echo quilting?
    Love seeing all the blocks together! It's crazy to lay something out and think hmmm it could be bigger =D

  9. Your retro flowers are WONDERFUL!!!
    You might want to check out the quilting on this quilt for inspriation for your chevron quilt:
    Have a great day!
    Always, Queenie

  10. Your retro flowers look amazing - can't wait to see the finish!


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