Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Winter Stitching

Wayyyy back in October, I posted my Winter Stitching List led by Sarah

Though I updated a few times through Christmas, when I saw the posts starting to pop up in April.. I can honestly say I forgot about it! Whoops! Hopefully I subconsciously channeled this list and got some things done?? maybe? :)

1. Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap - done

2. Elf Wall Hanging -done


3. SewHappyGeek Wall Hanging/Table Runner Swap -done

4. Ruby, Pearl and Opal Quilt - blocks done but not completed

5. Swoon Quilt (8 done) - the never-ending W.I.P. 
I've decided on a "true blue" for the last block
just need to get around to making it :)

6. Houndstooth Quilt - on hold.

7. Finish quilt design - design is done, measurements are done, construction is not.

8. Christmas Surprise Quilt (Memory Quilt) - done

9. Crochet cowl scarf - done (no pictures, sorry!)

10. Sewing machine cover - nope.

11. Wall hanging (design i've been wanting to make foreverrrr) - nope.

12. Baprons (babies due before Christmas plus some extras to have on hand) - nope.

13. Participate in 2-3 more swaps (maybe host my own??) - participated in the Mouthy Stitches Swap, Rainbow Swap and hosted the Polka Dot Swapdone

14. Write some tutorials! - ehhh, i'm not feeling creative enough. I'm a great copycat but personally creative.. i'm lacking 

15. LEARN HOW TO FMQ! - continually practicing, i've been stippling so a W.I.P. 1/2 done

16. Finish my 2 P.I.F. projects - whoops! need to do these!

I did NOT realize how many things I had put on this list, or the amount of (or lack of) i'd have with a full time job. All in all, I'm alright with this list and i'm happy to report i've been producing more attainable lists since this one.. 

How'd you do on your list? Make sure to check out how everyone else did!


  1. I think you did great! Its so hard finding time when you are busy at work. Love your Ruby Pearl and Opal quilt blocks - I was going to do that pattern with my Ruby layer cake too and changed my mind at the last minute but it looks fab! Thanks for linking up :-)

  2. What a list! Love the elf wall hanging those shoes look great. Hope to see some future progress on all those other items =D

  3. Awesome work!!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. You did great! I have to admit I totally forgot about mine after Christmas too lol

  5. That's a huge amount to have gotten done. Awesome work!

  6. I think you did great! Yeah those f/t jobs cramp our style don't they? ha. And I agree with the tutorials....I have some I want to do but just don't seem to get it done! But still, you got alot done!

  7. The Elf wall hanging is just too cute. Where ever did you find that pattern. I can see SEW many possibilities!


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