Friday, May 4, 2012

Applique Quilts

No Follower Friday this week :( We're lacking in volunteers. If anyone would like to volunteer please email me at

So, instead of a feature I wanted to let you know about a contest. I decided to bite the bullet and put my work out there. I entered my Chincoteague quilt, a very personal quilt for my family and I to the Quilting Gallery - This week they were looking for appliqué work. All of the sea animals as well the lettering were done in appliqué.

"Chincoteague Quilt"

So, if you have a chance head on over and check out my quilt
If you like it, i'd appreciate your vote


  1. Still love this quilt!, I already voted.

  2. Beautiful....just cast my vote for you!

  3. Well *some* of us volunteered way back at the start and then no-one asked us any questions ;o)

    I still voted for you :oP

  4. voted for you! :)
    Oh and I'll volunteer!

  5. Just voted! Good luck :o)


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