Thursday, May 17, 2012

Call for Help

Two of my friends are asking for help, both for great causes - I'm mentioning both because though they are both looking for bags, they are a bit different.


Megan is asking for help with Beads for Courage which is an organization where Bead artisans from all over the world are making and donating magnificent beads to hospitals that treat children. Whenever the children have to go through any of their treatments, they are gifted one of these incredible beads. As they progress through whatever treatment is necessary for their illness, they gather these beads to incorporate in a string of small beads signifying their milestones. It keeps helps keep them motivated, inspired, and encouraged.

Megan's post with all the details is here - she will be setting up a flickr group and coordinating to get this going. If you can spare some time, it definitely sounds like a fun, different idea!


My other fabulous friend Danny is asking for bags to help with a camp for kids in the foster care system. She's asking for people to make wither zippered pouches or drawstring ones. Danny says 

"This summer, we are joining forces with a new camp geared toward teenagers; a new camp that will give these kids and others a chance to experience the love and acceptance we strive for with RFKC. Teen Reach Adventure Camp (aka TRAC) is a three day single gender camp for kids ages 12-15 providing a fun-filled, outdoors experience with safe loving adults to help provide an experience that brings hope and encouragement to these hurting teens.
Every child who attends RFKC with us gets a quilt handmade by some generous donors in and around the Valley (where I live). We would like to do something similar for the TRAC kids and have come up with a few small items that we really feel will make a difference. The kids attending these camps come with next to nothing. We give them clothes and toiletries, and since the TRAC kids are teenagers, we've decided to make them bags to hold their toiletries."

If this is something you feel you can help with you can check out her blog post here - Danny is asking for people to sign up by leaving her a comment in her comments section and she will need the bags by June 18th. 


 For the 30-60 min it might take to make a bag or two, think about how special that child is going to feel knowing that someone made this.. for them. If you can and you have the time, please try to help these exceptional ladies help others. 



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