Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Quilt

Some of you may remember when I was making Granny Squares? Here's a refresher..

We'll i've been turning them into a quilt for my mom whose a crocheter
When I saw these blocks they seemed so appropriate!

My mom's the first person that taught me to use a sewing machine,
she made me my first quilt and helped me make another when my favorite color 
changed from pink to blue. I'm fortunate enough to be close with my mom, 
she supports me and takes an interest in things that I do.. so much so that she's accompanying me to Sewing Summit in October (even though she hasn't quilted in year!)

So this quilt is for one of the most selfless woman I know as well as one of the 
kindest, nicest and most genuine..

Here's the completed quilt!
For the quilting I kept it simple and just outlined each of the granny squares

I decided to stay completely with Domestic Bliss for this one

Even the binding!

So, Happy Mother's Day Mom!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there.. enjoy your day!

Quilt Specs:
Pattern - Granny Squares 
Fabric: Domestic Bliss


  1. Beautiful (and thoughtful!)

  2. What a perfect choice for your mama. Fantastic quilt, gorgeous colors and a special pattern. Great make.

  3. That's such a gorgeous quilt! Love the colours and the backing! (I notice you painted your toenails to match) =D

  4. *makes mental note to be on best behaviour when meeting Jenn in October*

    The quilt looks fab, I'm sure she loved it :o)

  5. Oh your lucky mum - you as her daughter, and amazing gifts like this! I love it x

  6. Jennifer, it is gorgeous! Those fabrics are so pretty and the back is fab, too. I'm sure your mom was thrilled!

  7. I love it! It DOES remind me of the crocheted blankets my great-aunt made for me! Now you have me thinking......

  8. Your quilt is beautiful. I'm sure your mum will love it.

  9. SO nice! What a great gift for your mom!

  10. I love this one and I bet Mom did too! I love the back almost as much as the front!

  11. This is gorgeous! I love the granny squares in domestic bliss. Your pieced backing would be awesome as the front of a quilt...very pretty!

  12. Gorgeous! I love Domestic Bliss. And how sweet you made it for your mom!! You're just finishing quilts left and right now, aren't you?

  13. Beautiful quilt. I love the granny squares on the back too.


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