Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We Bee Modern Too

This month I was able to get a jump on my Bee blocks. It was Megan's turn in May and she chose the Mondrian block with pinks/purples/oranges/yellows and a hint of lime green. This was my interpretation of that:
I definitely was liking this block and I see more in my future

With the siggy block

Just to recap the bee blocks for We Bee Modern Too 
to date..
"Missing Your Kiss" for Kersten

"Boxed in" for Heather

"Lemons and Limes" for Caroline 

I'm up for June, so let's see how that goes :)

Joining a bee this year was a "resolution" of some kind and i'm so glad I did! If you've ever considered joining a bee but are unsure where to go

  • theres a flickr group I'd definitely check out as there are many options and kinds of bees to join
  • If you've never heard of it there is the do. good stitches bee which are quilts made for charities and they are constantly looking for quilters and stitchers.
  • Lastly, if you want to create your own bee, read this which Rachel wrote (coincidentally by the creator of do.good stitches) which gives you the rundown on how to start your own bee, what kind, etc. etc.
Any questions, feel free to ask, i'll do my best to help!
 Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.


  1. What a great batch of blocks!

  2. Very fun variety of blocks! I bet that was fun! ;-)

  3. Huh, see these people that are ahead of the game... ;o) EVERYONE knows you leave it til the last week in the month (or that might just be my bees :oD )

  4. That Modrian is awesome! I love that your bee members let you mix it up with fabrics. Myy Midern 99 sends their fabrics and each block is identical.

  5. I'm in love with the Modrian block!! Is that from the book 99 Modern Blocks? I saw this block yesterday on another blog and just love it. Great colors too!

  6. I love my Bees!
    Love your blocks too x

  7. The blocks all look great! Love the range of colours and prints.
    I've never joined a Bee, maybe someday in the future I will. =D

  8. Love the block variety, and the colors! Just found your blog and was reading your "about me" section. I can totally relate to being 23 and feeling like a "grandma" sitting at a sewing machine and quilting. I started quilting when I graduated from college and that's how I felt too. Now I'm 35 and it's fun to see so many people my age and younger who are equally passionate! Looks like you've done an awesome job jumping into the quilting world!

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