Friday, June 29, 2012

Charming Travelers are Traveling!

Sorry all, I forgot the post the winner yesterday!

And number 3 was...

Somehow my numbers are gone.. AGAIN.
Go figure, at least it was a small number!

Tricia, I emailed you.
Thanks everyone for participating!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

T.n.T. Thursday

Well this week was definitely a first for me, I've volunteered a few weeks back to help with pattern testing and when Michelle at City House Studio contacted and asked, I was more than happy to oblige!

The pattern was for a "read" book bag - it calls for some paper piecing (don't be afraid, she has alternative options as well within the pattern!) and overall basic sewing skills. She will be releasing her pattern soon, it's for a reading bag and here's what I came up with..

Seriously, how cute right??
I was a bit hesitant with the "leaning books" aspect of the design
and was afraid it wouldn't look crisp
Michelle gives very thorough directions on how to avoid any clipped corners
or problem areas though! 

The letters for paper piecing "READ" 
are included in both capital and lower case letters
I decided to mix them up a bit and stick with the primary colors

Went with a bright blue on the lining and pockets.

Thanks Michelle for letting me participate and help out!!
Her pattern is available for sale here
It's definitely perfect size for a child working on a summer reading program!
Or a September gift for a new teacher??
I'll be using mine in Maui!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

W.i.P. Aloha Style

If you didn't guess from the title..
My most current W.I.P. is the MOVE i'm making!

That's right.. in less than 3 weeks i'll be moving to HAWAII!!
Maui to be more specific.
scary? yep.
nervewrecking? yep.
quilting like a maniac because I can't ship everything with me? yep.

Whew. It might be sparse around here for a bit,
but i'll do what I can.

This is the first time i'll be moving out of my house, let alone 6,000 miles away.
it's not forever, but its for now.
any advice for me?!
(other than wear sunscreen)

Any extra positive thoughts and vibes your all could send.. i'd really appreciate

Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy Busy Bee!!

Whew, It's been a whirlwind week, filled with commitments and 
keeping my head above the pile of fabric on my sewing table! 

I completed my first t-shirt quilt for my younger sisters high school friend this week, definitely a fun quilt but very unhappy with the stretchy knit and it took some getting used to! 
(thanks for all the advice and help!)

Next up, a commissioned memory quilt
using pictures of the family on summer vacations
for their new beach house

I was told the room was yellow with all shades of blue
so I went with a simple log cabin-ish style to highlight the pictures

Customer is happy, i'm happy

Now, back to the pile on my sewing table
oh, and I have some REALLY big news to share... hopefully by the end of the week!!
(which is the real reason i've been so MIA)

As always, 

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I'm trying to clean out and organize some of my sewing supplies, I came across this book "Spotlight on Neutrals" that I won in a giveaway not too long ago. If you're interested, let me know in the comments section, no charge for the book, just pay for shipping. Once I know where its going i'll get an exact cost for you.

Signed by the author

Let me know if you'd like it
I'm off to find more things to destash and organize! 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Charming Traveleres Ready to Travel!

I have a giveaway for you!

If you haven't heard about this yet, you'll be glad you stopped by
Diane started a charm pack (similar to a traveling stash) where if you win
you will receive the charm pack, pull out your favorite charms
and replace charms for the ones you took

So, here are the rules:
1. Open to US participants ONLY (sorry!) 
2. Leave me one comment letting me know your favorite feature of your sewing machine 
(i'm looking to get a new one and upgrade a bit, but I have no idea where to start!!)

Giveaway will close Wednesday, June 27th 8pm EST
(no reply bloggers leave me an email to reach you at otherwise i'll have to draw again!)

Good luck!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sew Happy Geek QAL Finish

In January of this year I started my first QAL
If you've never joined a Quilt-a-Long I definitely recommend you do!
finished blocks
I managed to stay on task and finish these in the weeks they were assigned

finished quilt top in time for the link up party at the end..
but then it sat in the pile
and sat
and sat
until I started my crusade to complete the quilts in the pile
and now..
one more to add to the list

 I decided to quilt in a diamond and ripple out from there
Backed and bound with flannel to give it that little cozy extra

This quill is destined for my aunt's living room
after she saw me quilting it and claimed it as her own :)


Friday, June 15, 2012

Follower Friday

We're back in action this week with another follower!


Name:  Lucy
Family: The most amazing husband, 2 wonderful kiddies and a beautiful cat (before you puke... he snores, they can cause havoc and the cat drools!)
Location: Manchester, UK
Twitter: @charmaboutyou but I seriously don't understand it or how it works!!
Etsy: not yet!


Day job: Mum
Dream job: I'm living the dream

What are you working on now? A million things. My priority is a baby quilt and finishing my Stained QAL, also working on my e.p.p. Rose Star blocks and any embroidery I can.


Place: So many! Toronto, Las Vegas, Florence, Paris, Colorado and obviously Manchester!
Movie: You've Got Mail (I just can't help myself!), anything with Fred Astaire, Paul Newman or Ryan Gosling in.
Food: I'd love to say something really healthy or interesting but it's pretty much Pizza or a Marmite and cheese sandwich!!
Way to spend a Friday night: Eating pizza watching any of the above films!

Fabric line: It's really hard to chose but I am in love with Lark by Amy Butler
Color: currently orange but forever pink and grey.
Designer: Denyse Schmidt, Anna Maria Horner, Tula Pink, Aneela Hoey, Joel Dewberry and Jay McCarroll

Project completed by you: I think it would be the'Does Not Compute' quilt I made for my son

Project when you need a quick finish: Any kind of little bag or some cute embroidery


Least Favorites:
Color: I don't seem to use a lot of red, although I do like it! I'm not a huge fan of purple but I have made a couple of purple quilts.
Fabric line:I embrace the fugly
Project completed by you: If I'm really honest I never really love anything I make, I think things always seem better in my head so I could pick any of my projects. Having said that there's always some aspects I do like and it's all about learning.

Big plans for 2012?
Make myself a quilt or two! I would really love to get round to some hand quilting when I eventually have one for myself - I'm not brave enough to do it on one I'm giving away! I have a few other things cooking as well :)

Thank you so much for having me on Follower Friday!

Lucy xx



Wow! Thanks Lucy!
Great Projects!

Our list of followers is starting to dwindle so
 I'm wondering if that means we should take summer hiatus?
I'm still taking volunteers
and I'll keep you posted on what I decide
If you'd like to be featured
email me at

Last day of school today!!!
(I dont count the teacher days next week, though I should)
Happy weekend everyone


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Phew, its Wednesday which means 2 more days of school!
It also means not much sewing is getting done
but I have some projects that i've started that I will be working to complete over the next few weeks

Memory Quilts
Some of you may remember this quilt made for my grandparents last Christmas
Well, it created such a stir i've had requests for customized quilts!
(I'm taking more requests as well, so email me if you're interested)

This is the first one, getting started

The 2nd one i'm waiting for feedback on the edited pictures

I'm also working on a t-shirt quilt for a friend
Anyone have any feedback on these kinds of quilts?
It's my first one, I'm thinking of sewing the batting with the t-shirts to give it more durability

Lastly, my Halloween ABC sampler
This ones on my FAL list.. almost done!

Lots of projects, all with relatively close deadlines!
Neeed to get sewing!

As always, I'm linking up with Lee

btw, the blog itself is a w.i.p, for me, 
i'm trying some new things out
so please be patient with me while I do this!
i'm new with all this coding/html business

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Blocks

I was able to get a jump start on my blocks this month
(helped that I'm in charge of the blocks for one group this month!)

Wonky Stars for Kersten
BELIEVE circle do.good stitches
Kersten asked for one larger block with stars of different sizes 
(First time making wonky stars!)

We Bee Modern Too
I had sent fabric to everyone in my group and asked them to make the 
Night and Day block from the Modern Blocks book

June commitments done
More time to tackle my Finish-a-long list and other W.i.P.'s
btw, anyone know when the FAL quarter 2 link up is?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Patchwork Chevron

One more to add to the completed list!

Patchwork Chevron
 I posted the completed top here
As some of you may remember I fell in love with the patchwork chevron here
but did not have 4 charm packs to work with so I modified it work with 2 packs.
My process is explained in the previous post
I went with a simple chevron quilting in the solid spaces

I used two of the prints from "Good Fortune" for the backing as well as some 
Kona Medium Gray and a piece of Stars in Shade from the new "Quilt Blocks" line in periwinkle

This quilt is for sale in my etsy shop.

Quilt Stats
Pattern - patchwork chevron modified by me
Size: 54" x 70"
Fabric - Good Fortune by Kate Spain, Kona Medium Gray, Quilt Blocks
Quilted by: me

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