Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy Busy Bee!!

Whew, It's been a whirlwind week, filled with commitments and 
keeping my head above the pile of fabric on my sewing table! 

I completed my first t-shirt quilt for my younger sisters high school friend this week, definitely a fun quilt but very unhappy with the stretchy knit and it took some getting used to! 
(thanks for all the advice and help!)

Next up, a commissioned memory quilt
using pictures of the family on summer vacations
for their new beach house

I was told the room was yellow with all shades of blue
so I went with a simple log cabin-ish style to highlight the pictures

Customer is happy, i'm happy

Now, back to the pile on my sewing table
oh, and I have some REALLY big news to share... hopefully by the end of the week!!
(which is the real reason i've been so MIA)

As always, 


  1. I love the picture quilt...I have one that I have to get done real soon. I like the log cabin really frames the photos.

  2. What great projects. So unique! Looking forward to the really big news....maybe that other Swoon quilt is finished?????? ;-)

  3. Hmm...really big news...if I had just announced I had really big news all my friends would probably ask if I was engaged. I'm sure you're probably in the same boat since we're around the same age lol.

  4. Both quilts look great, Jennifer! It must feel great to have them finished with happy customers! Hmmmm, big news....

  5. Huh, tease ;o) Both quilts look great though :o)

  6. Not you too! Just tell us already!

    Lovely makes as always :o)

  7. Lovely makes - and love big news xxx

  8. The quilts look great! Love the blue and yellow colour scheme =D


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