Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hourglass Block Tutorial

For my We Bee Modern Too group this month I'm asking
them to make the "Night and Day" block

I'm a visual person though, so I decided to show you how to make the hourglass portion
This uses the HST method of cutting down the middle, so I recommend giving yourself an extra INCH
i.e. if you want a 3.5" square, start with 4.5" squares.

I'm starting with (2) 5.5" Squares

Lay them right sides together and draw your lines the same as you would when making HST's

Stitch on the outside lines

Cut the middle line

Press seams open and you should have two blocks that look like this..

Line up the seams, print on solid and solid on print

Mark your lines again and sew same as before as if you were making HST's

Press seams open and your blocks should look like this

Trim to your desired size

Hope this is helpful!
Enjoy the weekend!


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