Thursday, June 28, 2012

T.n.T. Thursday

Well this week was definitely a first for me, I've volunteered a few weeks back to help with pattern testing and when Michelle at City House Studio contacted and asked, I was more than happy to oblige!

The pattern was for a "read" book bag - it calls for some paper piecing (don't be afraid, she has alternative options as well within the pattern!) and overall basic sewing skills. She will be releasing her pattern soon, it's for a reading bag and here's what I came up with..

Seriously, how cute right??
I was a bit hesitant with the "leaning books" aspect of the design
and was afraid it wouldn't look crisp
Michelle gives very thorough directions on how to avoid any clipped corners
or problem areas though! 

The letters for paper piecing "READ" 
are included in both capital and lower case letters
I decided to mix them up a bit and stick with the primary colors

Went with a bright blue on the lining and pockets.

Thanks Michelle for letting me participate and help out!!
Her pattern is available for sale here
It's definitely perfect size for a child working on a summer reading program!
Or a September gift for a new teacher??
I'll be using mine in Maui!


  1. This is such a nice bag! I just finished doing mine as well!

  2. So cute! Another awesome 'read' bag. May have to buy the pattern! Do you think it's big enough for a library bag when we might have 8-10 books in there at once?

  3. Great pattern and love your fabric choices!

  4. Awesome book bag, love it!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. What a great pattern. You did such a great job pattern testing :)

  6. "using mine in Maui" - away with you!

  7. That looks great! I love the prints you've used =D

  8. Great job, although I wish I was using it in Maui instead lol

  9. Very nice! Love your 'ReAd' colors!

  10. What a fun bag! Heaven knows you can never have enough!

  11. It's so cute, Jennifer!
    I love the colors & fabrics!
    Thanks so much for pattern testing for me!

  12. The bag is gorgeous - it beats my library bag hands down! I use an old shopping bag. Perhaps it's time to upgrade?

  13. How great idea! Beautiful bag for us book lovers! Thank you for inspiration! x Teje

  14. So cute! Love the fabrics you used for this...adorable!!

  15. You did a great job on the bag! I saw your comment on Michelle's giveaway post and noticed your bag, so I came over for a closer look. Your fabrics are fun (especially those lining fabrics - yummy) and I particularly like the lower case "d" - it adds just the right touch of whimsy :D I've added this project to my To Do list for our nieces/nephew with small kids - it'll make a perfect Christmas gift (with a few books inside, of course!) -- if I don't win a copy of the pattern, I'll buy it :D


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