Monday, July 9, 2012

Finish-a-Long Quarter 3

Well I was able to make some pretty good progress last quarter, so this quarter I'd like to do more of the same..

1. Finish Made in Cherry quilt - been on hold for far too long

2. Finish We Bee Modern Too quilt - I got all the squares, I want to make a few more and complete it!

3. Attempt some traditional Hawaiian appliqué (seriously, what better way to commemorate my time there??) - Maybe one block?
4. Participate in the How Far Will You Go? QAL - staying up to date

Well, that along with moving should be enough to keep me busy.. back to packing :) 


  1. Good luck with the list, looking forward to seeing the applique

  2. Hope you get your list completed, will look forward to seeing those updates =D

  3. Sounds like a good/manageable list. Good luck!


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