Monday, July 30, 2012

Flannel-ly Goodness

Whew, been a bit of time since an actual sewing post has been on here
betwene the move, enjoying summer and starting my new job...
its been a bit crazy
BUT I do have things to show you.. soon.

A few months ago I saw this quilt on Aesthetic Nest and fell in love. Bonus - there was a tutorial!

So of course, I had to try, it just looks so soft and cuddly!
I liked it so much, I made two!

close up of the front after washing

crinkly goodness!

Serious warmth in these

Each of them has 3 layers of flannel 
I chose the same colors in graduated fashion 

These of course have already been claimed by family members
not much need for them in Hawaii ;)

Definitely a more time consuming project, but it was great to have it on hand
and when I needed something mindless to do i'd sew a few rows

Keep in mind, all that cutting, I definitely wore out my scissors!


As always,

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  1. Oooh, cool idea! Although yes, I can see that Hawaii might not be the right climate for them ;o)

  2. Love those! I made one when I was really pregnant with Max and it was a good project for sitting in the chair and snip, snip, snipping. Only mine turned out a bit more diamond-shaped than square...

  3. Ah! I'm in love. That is amazing. Will have to try to find the tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow that looks like a very interesting style! looks like it too a while to make as well =D

  5. Catching up on my bloggers and bear with me...YAY to Maui! Cute bee, if only I had time! And these are too cute! I love the "chenille" blankets!! I have seen a few tutorials, but the chevron pattern is really special!!!

  6. I love these! I saw it a while back too and wanted to make one but never did. They have chenille cutters that make the cutting a lot easier. These are lovely tho-I love the colors!

  7. Oh they look so snugly! Love the colors you've used :o)

  8. Very cool! They would be perfect for winter! What a great idea.

  9. It's always fun to try something new!


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