Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fresh and New

Well, in keeping with this new move, 
I decided to try something else new that i've been eyeing for a while.. 
After seeing Debbie's beautiful quilt 

I joined a 3x6 Sampler Quilt Mini Bee which can be found here
I'm in a paper piecing hive!!

Sign-ups are still going on if you're interested!
The bee runs from August 1- October 15
and you're responsible for 6 blocks (7 including yourself)
to be made in that time period
the blocks are the same, the colors used are designated by the people you're making them for!

What have you tried that was new lately?


  1. Is it foundation or freezer paper piecing?

  2. How interesting! I'm off to have a look and learn more. I've always been really curious about these bees! Not that I need another bee....

  3. I have tried sitting in the sun - that's something people did round here in the olden days!!

  4. Cool, enjoy! Another bee would seriously push me over the edge though lol

    I did a 10k tonight for the first time in years if that counts...

  5. Those colours look great. It'll be neat to see what you come up with!

  6. So glad my quilt inspired you! I loved the 4x5 bee, and I'm sure you'll love yours...so fun to see what folks make in YOUR colors!

  7. I've been doing quite a bit of paper piecing lately. Well, if I actually put my quilt sandwiches together and finished them, THAT would be something new!


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