Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day

As always on the first of the month,
i'm linking up with Lynne for Fresh Sewing Day to recap the month

This month was filled with gifts for others
which is actually just how I like it
I had bee blocks, commission quilts, pattern testing
charity projects and family quilts

I initially wasn't going to link up since I haven't been sewing much with the impending move
but all in all, I'll take the progress.. July might be a bit slower

Make sure you check out everyone else's projects!


  1. Your projects look great & progress is progress! the ebb and flow...

  2. I think that looks great - you had quilt finishes!

  3. Looks pretty damn good to me! Well done :o)

  4. great mosaic! I think it is fun to see all the month's projects together.

  5. I love the "read" tote bag :)

  6. A great lot of finishes, even with the move going on =D

  7. I can't believe how many quilty finishes you had! Be proud, you achieved a huge amount :o)

  8. oh the swoon. definitely a favorite! (yours that is, i love the blue and yellow contrast.)

  9. Visiting from Lilys Quilts... I adore that READ tote, what a great idea! I have been wanting to use the letters for awhile. Thanks for the idea!


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