Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday again!?

Whew, the weekends are just going too fast, make that the entire week! This weekend my baby sister moved back into her college dorm for her last semester!!! I couldnt be more proud of her, graduating in 3.5 years and then leaving for Missouri in the Spring to start.. get this.. farrier school?! Yeh, not sure where she came from, but we love her anyway :)

I was hit with a surge of motivation on Saturday and quickly started/finished
a quilt for my brother's girlfriend..
She sent me a box of t-shirts almost immediately after I moved..
and there they sat, until now!

Backed with cozy flannel, and made using her favorite t-shirts
These quilts are becoming a favorite they come togehter so quickly
I'm also happy to have gotten this finished and shipped home because these arrived at my door yesterday..

dun dun dun
Let's see how long this one takes 


  1. LOL, that's funny! The quilt looks great!

  2. Farrier school sounds fun! And just think, if you ever decide to buy a horse you've got an expert in the family! Your quilt looks great and it looks like its a good thing you can make them quickly!

  3. Hahaha! What a cool quilt! Love the idea of using old clothes =D

  4. Such a cool idea, and I have so many t-shirts I want to do this for!

  5. Ha! Ithaca is Gorges. Going on my 5th year living in Ithaca, I am well familiar with that green t-shirt/bumper sticker! Glad to see it immortalized in quilt form as well. :)

  6. You make me sick. Brent gave me a stack of shirts about a year ago and I never got around to making his quilt. Did you do any stabilizing? Or straight cut, sew, and quilt?


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