Friday, August 31, 2012

Week in Review

Phew, its finally Friday
for whatever reason, this week DRAGGED..

I had some training in Puunene this week which is right next to the
sugar factory (where they process the cane sugar after they burn it)
and felt like I had stepped back in time to a Hawaiian plantation.
The old plantation style school with cane burning behind it.

Church across the street
note the dirt roads.
My car did NOT like the potholes everywhere.

New(er) school, not a school anymore
used for Department of Education offices and training

Everyday I'm learning something new about Hawaii and Hawaiian culture
it's amazing to see how different their history is in comparison with the rest of the US
Makes sense since they've only been a state for 60 year
but not something I thought about until now..

On a totally different track, 
I decided to use my winnings from the Retro Flowers QAL
to get me some Chicopee!

Seriously love.
I'm planning to pair these with what I have left from Hope Valley for a Supernova quilt!

After seeing Dianne's I was sold on the idea.

So, actually sewing this week?
10 arcs for my DWR so i'm still on track :)
I also managed to get Kelsey to join!

Alright, that's all i've got 
3 day weekend and boyfriend will be gone all Monday, golfing.
So, unless I cave and go to the beach, i'll sew :)


  1. So great to learn some new things on the country you live in. A great fabric choice there for the quilt. SEW woman SEW!!! =D

  2. ditto to what hadley said! ;) p.s. i have serious chicopee envy!

  3. Awesome choice with the Chicopee - I think it's my fave DS collection yet!
    I would totally sew, but I am lame like that ;o)

  4. Ok, so Chicopee is awesome and all, but I would go to the beach. That fabric isn't going anywhere! And you've had to many finishes lately. It's about time you got behind like the rest of us!

  5. Excellent use of your winnings! And I pretty much agree with everybody else, go to the beach! And I love seeing the pictures of Hawaii, especially the more rural parts. Have a good weekend, whatever you do!


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