Wednesday, August 22, 2012


What? I have a W.i.P ?!
Well, I have works in progress that are goals..

1. DWR arcs - 12 down, 10 more this week

PLUS, the amazing Jess saw that I was using Fandango and 
graciously offered to send me some scraps
I greedily immediately accepted!
All cut up and ready to go!

2. Night and Day quilt - these are squares made by the talented ladies of the We Bee Modern Too bee
I have a few more to finish up
then i'm making some to add to the bunch
I'm thinking this needs some gray/ash sashing to tone down the busy-ness 

3. Mystery Project
Sorry, no pictures, recipient reads the blog
but you can see them through my instagram
follow me at

4. 3x6 quilt blocks
I'd like to get the test block done this week

5. We Bee Modern Too - August

6. do.good stitches - August
no progress.

A new blog hop i'd like to tell you about.

Soma is running it and she has roped me in convinced me I can do it
She's running an October paper piecing event where everyday a new blog will post an original paper pieced pattern for free, that is affiliated with Halloween.
Now, I personally have NEVER made my own pattern, however,
with Soma in my corner, I think i'll give it a shot
Go check it out, she's got some more spaces to fill 
She's welcoming everyone, newbies, intermediates, and advanced so if your
looking to push yourself outside your comfort zone like me to improve your ability
jump on board, we can help each other!

As always, i'm linking up with Lee


  1. Wow! Awesome makes. Glad it got to you safely :o)

  2. Great looking projects!! And that blog hop looks fun!!

  3. Way to get back into WIPing! Good luck with the pattern, I'm sure you'll do great :o)

  4. I was thinking a brown sashing, maybe dark brown... Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading :)

  5. Such a fun set of projects! Great set of scraps =D

  6. Great wips!! I love those arcs :)
    Looking forward to your pattern!

  7. Your arcs are awesome! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.

  8. Love your projects and those arcs are coming along nicely, congrats on the progress

  9. Lots of fun wips you have going there!

  10. I really like the night and day quilt.

  11. Ack, so many cute projects to choose from! Your DWR quilt is going to be simply fantastic - I can tell already!


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