Monday, September 10, 2012

Bee block roundup

Well, after last Thursdays unexpected sewing day, I was bit by the bug and the sewing continued! Woohoo!!!

I finished some bee blocks..

do. good stitches for September

do. good stitches for August

3x6 test block
i've also cut all the pieces for the other blocks I need to make

We Bee Modern Too September

Lastly, the leaves are falling in Hawaii
More on these later this week 

Tomorrow's the signup for SS classes! Woohoo!
I was really stressing about getting into the classes I want
but after reading the google group emails,
I'm finding the consensus to be that there are more than enough people out there
willing to help and teach during our free time,
which makes me feel WAY better..
So, if you're like me.. quit stressing and get ready for a great weekend :)


  1. Those leaf blocks are just so perfect for Autumn.
    Lovely makes.
    Hope you get the SS classes you want.

  2. What a great bunch o'blocks! And your leaves are looking great. Really - the leaves fall even in paradise??

  3. Wow that must have been one mean bug! A great lot of blocks there!! Hope you get the classes you want =D

  4. Loving your bee blocks! And so wish I was coming to SS - I'd love to meet you :o)


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