Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So sign-ups for Sewing Summit.. anyone else feel like their brain is MUSH? If you're out of the loop, there was a glitch this morning where registration opened, then they shut it down so everything looked like it was sold out, then when it was time to actually register they must has been manually reopening them so it was a waiting game. Then, when you actually got what you wanted and put in your cc info for the registration fees, you'd find out a class was sold out... back to square one!!

Well, i'm happy to say after A LOT of clicking, I was able to get my mom and I signed up into a few of the classes we wanted. Since it was such a hodge podge a lot of the teachers have set up unofficial classes and meet up times, which is just amazing.

Well, moral of the story. Erin and the gang have put a TON of time into this weekend, and the teachers are all super amazing and willing to work together, and i'm SO excited to meet my blogging "friends"

If you're one of the people struggling to get into classes, don't get frustrated - keep checking back and i'd say bring the supplies with you anyway - guaranteed you will find someone willing to help and teach you. That seems to be a common theme with this weekend.

it's going to be a fabulous time 


  1. I'm so glad you got some of the classes you wanted - getting even more jealous now though ;o)

  2. the class line up was so solid that my classes - although not on my original list are all going to be fabulous. Can't wait to hang out and meet everyone

  3. Mush for sure - a little deflated, but still super excited!

  4. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare but pleased you got a class line up that makes you smile. Now is the turn of us UK quilters to be jealous of all of you getting together.

  5. Gosh that sounds like a terrible ordeal. Glad to know you got some of the classes you both wanted =D

  6. i hope you have a wonderful weekend when you go and i wish i could smell those flowers!


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