Friday, September 28, 2012

Follower Friday - Katy

Anyone else feel like the weeks are just flying by??
We're back again for some

This week, with us is..

Name: Katy   
Family: A poor husband who spends his days surrounded by fabric, thread and hair dye and a beautiful little Kitty who is treated like royalty.
Location: Manchester, England      

Day job: Student
Dream job: Is fabric and kitten hoarder classed as a job? If not an Art Therapist would do me nicely.

What are you working on now?
I have just opened my own business selling my work so a lot of time is going into building my stock at the moment. I am also planning on making some of my embroidery designs into PDF’s to sell in the shop! There are a lot more animals in bow-ties to come from me yet.

Place: My craft room, it is so pretty and colorful. I could easily spend all day in there just looking at all the beautiful things but then I would never get anything done.
Movie: Sleeping Beauty. I am a sucker for Disney.
Food: At the moment sausages although it changes quite often. I do love a lamb roast with proper homemade roast potatoes. Or then again there is cake! Now cake I really love. I love my food and there are too many yummy choices to have a favorite.

Way to spend a Friday night: Curled up on the sofa with the kitty, stitching, eating sweeties and watching crime shows.

Fabric line: I love a lot Aneela Hoey fabric and purely for those gorgeous little foxes I must say ‘A Walk in the Woods'.
Color: Red or Blue… or Red or maybe Blue. BOTH!
Designer: If I had to choose then Alexander Henry, I love how quirky his prints are.

Project completed by you:
That’s a hard one. I like different things for different reasons. I will go with my Time Travelers Wife Embroidery though. It took so long and so much effort but I was really happy with it when I finally finished it. Close second would be the Fish in a Bowler Hat cushion because I adore the pattern! The fish pattern is my favorite one I have drawn and I am hoping to use it a lot more in the future.

Project when you need a quick finish:

It has to be pin-cushions and lavender sachets. I often don’t decide what they will be until last minute. I like to stitch and then see which I think fits best. I can knock these off so fast now it surprises me every time. I think I am an incredibly fast stitcher when it comes to hand embroidery. It must be all those hours of practice paying off.

I also really like to make cushions. Once they are stitched they don’t take too long to put together and they are so simple but effective.

Least Favorites:
Color: Normally I would instantly say Yellow but it is growing on me recently so maybe lime green.
Fabric line: Anything with thin stripes! Gives me a terrible headache.

Project completed by you:
It is probably one of my Dita embroideries. I didn’t have a big enough hoop to fit her in at the time so I had to move around a lot which meant they all ended up with loads of puckers.

Thankfully I managed to get at least one half-decent one to redeem it. I can’t be too happy with it though because it doesn’t look enough like her!


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