Monday, September 3, 2012

September Just Three

Hmm.. well, "Just Three" didn't work so well for August.. :)

1. Finish do.good quilt from APRIL ! (nope, batting and backing came in, but it still sits)
2. Finish polka dot beach blanket (nope, added borders, not sure I like it, so I decided to put it on the side)
3. Start working on my DWR quilt (woohoo, Rebecca and I are keeping each other on target!)

Now, for September..
1. Mystery Christmas Project 
I'm 1/2 way done, I want to be 3/4 done by end of the month!
follow on instagram to see what i'm working on 

2. DWR arcs
40 more this month

3. t-shirt quilt
Commission job, needs to be done soon!

Hopefully these will be accomplished
and i'll have better luck this month!



  1. I hope the plan works out for you! Don't forget about the I-spy swap too =D

  2. Did you hear that almighty crash? Yeah, that was me falling off the bandwagon for this month, after which I tiptoed quietly away... September will be my month. Maybe.


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