Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Well, im not sure if it's because the SS is looming or what, but my sewing is back in full force! I've started many new projects, and completed... not so many :)

New Projects
1. Indie quilt - I dove into my Indie bundle last week and this is what i've come up with almost a complete top

 2. 3x6 block swap - all pieces cut, must begin teh paper piecing

3. Road to Tennessee quilt - I decided to break into my charm packs and start using up my fabrics, I'm beginning to think i'm a hoarder..

We'll see how this one works out.

Ongoing Projects
1. I-Spy charm swap - waiting on the last few charms, deadline this weekend
(there are 2 large boxes like this)

2. DWR quilt - I'm working on this one with Rebecca and Kelsey - I got a bit carried away last night and ended up completing all 80 of my arcs! I'm about 3 weeks ahead of schedule now, which is probably better with everything else I need to get working on!

3. Mystery Christmas Project - stalled. 
(This is the project you need to look at on instagram, sorry!)

I'm linking up with Lee this week 


  1. Everything looks awesome!! I think I'm becoming a hoarder too :) There's just so many pretty fabrics!

  2. Oh yes, that mojo's definitely back! I need to do a couple of those Road To Tennessee quilts too I think, as I've a couple of layer cakes I really should use!

  3. oh wow - lots going on to be sure!

  4. Whoa, lots of progress!! I'm loving that Road to Tennessee design, and Lucy's Crab Shack of course, what's not to love! I'm slowly getting back into the sewing swing of things too. It's hard when Mr. Mailman is taking his sweet time getting my fabric to me!

  5. You do have your mojo!!!! Jealous of all the sewing summit ladies...can't pull it off!

  6. You always have so much going on! These all look great! I can't wait to see your DWR come together!

  7. Some great projects there! It is nice to stop buying fabric and start using it once in a while =D

  8. I can't believe how much you get done! I'm glad you do as I like reading about it, but seriously, when do you sleep?

    Great to see the 'I Spy' swap sneaking in there too.

    Georgia x

  9. Wow, you are working hard and making lots of quilts! Wonderful. (And with Georgia, above, I'm wondering when you sleep, too.)

  10. NOOOOO! 80 arcs?! [ps, I'm actually very excited for you]
    But seriously...look for a package in the mail containing all my unassembled arcs and hop to it lady! :P

  11. oh holy cow missy! you have been a busy bee! xo

  12. What fun projects you have going on right now!


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