Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Break

So, boyfriend and I are really missing not having a "fall season" this year. It's 84 and sunny here still everyday. Not that we're complaining! We just really enjoy fall. No apple picking, pumpkin picking, fall sweaters, crisp air, nadda.

Boyfriend is missing it more than me, so today, I decided to do what I could to make a "fall day" for him. I bought a case of Oktoberfest beer, got my mom's famous chili recipe and bought a pumpkin spice candle. I had boyfriend spend the day video gaming and watching football with chili cooking in the background, then throw in the candle. It was great. However, I did find out that having the oven on all day simmering chili makes for an even hotter apartment! Ugh. oh well, it was worth it :)

 On another note, this was my view this morning.. how weird to see a cruise ship in the distance!!

In other news...
Woooohoo, I'm off from school this week - which couldn't be better timed with sewing summit. So I will be spending the week finishing my #travelhandmade items - if you follow on instagram you've been seeing them (knotted_thread)!

I got my NEW business cards this week..

Also, I'm making more of these:

Trying to decide what to do with these:

Hopefully doing something with these:

AND my mystery Christmas project -- again, if you follow on instagram, big exciting weekend! Hopefully i'll finish it before SS, so that will take top priority..

Sorry for the hodge podge that is this post, guess thats what happens when you neglect your blog.. whoops!


  1. You are so sweet! That sounds like a fun day :)
    Love all your in progress projects and the cards look brilliant!

  2. I see that fall in Hawaii isn't too different than fall in Florida then...other than the beautiful views around you. We will get fall, but it wont' be for another month or so probably and it'll be about 3 weeks long.
    Your projects all look so fun and those new business cards are great!

  3. Swap you our 'crappy Autumn weather' for yours any day!

  4. Oh I love your fall day! Hope you link it up to T@tT tomorrow! And good for you for some time off - what fun projects to work on!! LOVE your new business cards - really really nice!!

  5. Ahhh, chili. We had chili for dinner this week too but it actually feels like fall here. :) The business cards look great. We had a cruise ship in our little town yesterday too - my youngest son in particular is very interested and so we always have to go down to the harbour when we know there's a ship coming in (these are cruise ships going up to Alaska that we see here).

  6. Hmmm, hard to find any sympathy for you and your glorious sunshine I'm afraid. It has been bucketing it down in Liverpool for the past week, relentlessly.

    The new title-thingy and business cards look ace!

  7. Lovely idea - although I would swap my autumn day for yours, it's miserable here! Loving your makes this month.

  8. Aww, well done for trying to recreate autumn even in your own mini heatwave ;o) Have a fab sewing week!

  9. Love the cards and new blog header!!!!!!! Enjoy your week off!! Off to find you on instagram!

  10. That is the perfect NJ/PA fall day! You've made me homesick now!

  11. So many great projects! I really like your leaf blocks and your new business cards. :) Did you design them yourself?


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