Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Blog Hop

Well, if you haven.t heard... you're missing out! Soma has been hosting a Halloween blog hop the entire month of October. Each day someone posts with an original paper piece pattern. When I first heard about this a few months back I was super hesitant.. i've only been paper piecing for a few months and had never tried to make my own!

Well, Soma is super supportive and encouraging so I decided to jump in. Not wanting to repeat anyone else's ideas as well as make something manageable, I went with a play on "Keep Calm"

By no means perfect, many things i'd change.. but i'll take it :)
As I was making it I adjusted the pattern pieces making them more blockish letters versus the pattern which is curvier. Also, this is a 10.5" block which means... those letters are teeny  -- if you're new to paper piecing, tread carefully.

The PDF's and templates are available. I will be updating them because for some reason the numbers did transfer over to the PDF file. (I spent hours trying to figure out EQ7 with this one) - I'll figure it out and get them up for you.

Be sure to check out the rest of the designs, there is some serious talent in this group and I cant wait to try the patterns out!


  1. I love your Keep Calm !!! And the letters doesn't look to hard to make .... I did make the block on day 19 Trick or Treat and those had MANY tiny pieces hihihi .....
    Thanks for sharing this great block, another one for in my quilt !

  2. Hehehehe... Perfect saying for a busy ghoul... Thanks for the great pattern!

  3. A brilliant idea Jennifer! Love the paper piecing letters!

  4. Such a fun block! The keep calm have so many add-ons these days. I like the new blog look.

  5. This is a fantastic block! Although I think I'll need some more practice before I attempt it :)


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