Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sewing Summit Recap - People Edition

Whew, this post comes a bit late but I'm seriously still recovering from the multiple hours of traveling, traveling forward in time, then back very close together. I was lucky enough to go to Sewing Summit this year and it worked out beautifully because my mom went too! Now, if you recall, I moved to a small island this past summer, and i'm originally from the east coast, which means... I haven't seen my momma in 3 months. 

I'm going to attempt to break down these posts rather than bombard with everything at once. I'm also still waiting for my priority box containing my swag! Yes, there was too much to put in a carry on, and my mom is exceptionally lucky with giveaways I found out!

Another mother daughter team and two of the sweetest people you could hope to meet
Also, my first sale when I opened my etsy shop, AND that camera strap cover.. made with that purchase.. definitely made my day :)

Elena, me, Kelly and Terri
at the Mixer Friday night

Erika, Danny and I

The scene at the mixer
I love that this was taking place in a bar 
other customers were definitely confused!!

Heather and I
She took a picture with me even though I was an "over achiever" in her class and 
still broke a needle on the serger!! whoops! 

Amy doing her giveaways..

Me, Megan and Ali

Me with Amy and Amanda

Joel Dewberry speaking on Saturday
it was amazing to hear him speak about his journey and his lines

Notting Hill
coming to Knotted-Thread in November! Woohoo!

Amber and I
representing for Hawaii!
worst cell phone picture of all time, sorry!

Amy and Lee

Last but certainly not least..
Katy and Laura with mom and me

This is a fraction of the people I actually met,
these were the ones I managed to rope in when I remembered to actually
use my camera! 

It was lovely to have met all of you!!


  1. SO awesome! Making your day made Rachel's & mine as well! ;-)
    What fun - thanks for sharing your pics!

  2. It's looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing your pics with us. :)

  3. Fun to see the faces that go with the blogs!! Looks like you had a wonderful time. So cool that your mom went too!

  4. So fun to see everybody's cute faces!

  5. Oh dear God, now I know never to wear that dress again! (I think I look marginally worse in Ella's photo though ;o) ) Still, it was lovely to meet you...


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