Thursday, November 29, 2012

W.i.P. Thursday!?

Totally forgot yesterday was Wednesday, just that kinda week. Boyfriends parents are here visiting so sewing has been minimal, whatever time I can grab has been spent finishing quilting my last christmas gift (!!) and working on Hurricane Sandy Relief quilts. Speaking of, finished another one!

That's 3 completed quilts
I mailed them to NJ today so they'll be there waiting!
The rest of my fabulous quilters are posting in the flickr group!

The way we're looking now is that we'll have a dozen completed quilts to hand out
I was hoping for 2-3 when I started this endeavor....

Keep those blocks coming ladies and i'll keep making 


Simply Color Ombre Yardage is available in the shop!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sidekick Tote

I had purchased the Sidekick Tote pattern from Anna a while back and decided to give it a try last week. I made the larger version, measuring 15" x 14"

I used Timeless Treasure sketchpad for the outside and Hope Valley for the lining, with a little Notting Hill thrown in.

Some new things I learned with this bag was how to install a recessed zipper and making handles using this hardware. It came together so quickly and easily, i've already started the smaller one for a Christmas present! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Fun!

Hey all, I wanted to let you know about a virtual craft fair happening TODAY. Cori over at Let's Eat Grandpa has a ton of giveaways happening today by shops participating in Cyber Monday. I'm one of them!! You can win a FQ bundle of Notting Hill, so make sure you go check it out!

Also, if you have your own shop she has a link for people to link up!

I'm also having a Cyber Monday SALE!!
Code - MONDAY20

Enjoy! :)

Back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled programming!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby Sister isnt a Baby!

Today my BABY sister turns 21 years old! 

She's been counting down and waiting for a very long time. Pennsylvania (where she goes to school) is super strict with their drinking rules so she cant even go to dinner with friends if they plan on having a drink (she cant be sitting at the table with them) - she's the last of her friends to turn 21 so, shes VERY excited.

I so wish I was there to help you celebrate monster! Have an amazing day!!!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday SALE!

I'm having a 

Early Bird special
12am- 12 midnight EST
code - FRIDAY20

Have fun!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I feel like my W.i.P. list is on perpetual repeat and most of you have already seen this progress before, but here goes nothing.. I've decided to move things on the list until "After Christmas" because I know they won't happen until I get back from visiting family.

In Progress - 
1. Hurricane Sandy Relief Project - original post here, flickr group here. Blocks are winging their way across the globe as well as completed quilt tops! Deadline to mail is this Sunday, November 25th!!

2. Infinity scarves - no progress.
3. Swoon - no progress.
4. Surprise Christmas Project - in progress.

Finished Projects:
1. Vintage Holiday  (full post after the holidays)
2. Hurricane Sandy Quilts

3. EPP Wallhanging

4. Thanksgiving Table Runner (post on Thursday)
5. do.good quilt  - October blocks

After the Holidays
1. 3x6 bee blocks- Sampler hive - no progress.
2. Road to Tennessee quilt- no progress.

Finished: 4
In Progress: 4
New: 0
Total: 4

I'm linking up with Lee

On a different note, be sure you check out the shop on FRIDAY
I'll be having a Black Friday sale!
20% all fabric
12am- midnight EST!
code - Friday20


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I broke down this past month and bought Jeni's lined drawstring bag after seeing them all over the internet. This weekend I decided to make the smallest bag (4in tall) because we have some people getting jewelry for Christmas and boyfriend and I thought it would be cute if they each had their own baggie. 

clearly very interested and into it
I got yelled at after this picture 

pouch #1

pouch #2

pouch #3

I had first seen Debbie make a pouch using her polaroid blocks, loved it, so that's what inspired these. I also lined them with flannel because i'm anticipating them being used for jewelry and I wanted it extra soft to protect the pieces.

More Christmas presents.. check!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Feeling Thankful..

This weekend was a whirlwind of cutting, sewing, ironing, basting, quilting and binding. It was nonstop and it was a lot of work... but it was SO worth it. This weekend had me thinking about just hot thankful I am that there are people out there willing to help and give their time/energies/materials to make a difference for other people. I've been getting compliments on instagram as I'm showing the work i'm doing, but in reality.. its not me, its YOU and I cannot thank you enough.

Quilt 1 is destined for my sisters best friends family that made the shore their permanent home 4 years ago and suffered water damage to their first floor.

Quilt #1 and backing

Quilt 2 is destined for my future sister-in-laws family who couldn't get to their house for the first week and when they did, they found out that they too had lost most of their first floor of the house.
Quilt #2 and backing

Then onto the do.good quilt. I'm the caretaker of the BELIEVE circle and I asked the ladies to make a wonky pinwheel block using this tutorial. I left the colors up to them and i'm SO glad I did, its stunning!! I incorporated blocks on the front and back and used some Kate Spain flannel for an extra cozy feeling.

All in all, awesomely productive weekend
If you follow of instagram you're probably so tired of seeing these, sorry! 

I have another stack of Black/gray/yellow blocks waiting for me for a hurricane quilt and almost  a full set of scrappy for another quilt - mailing deadline is Nov. 25th! (There's an updated thread so you can see if your blocks have been received/ we're updating as you tell us you mail.)

Lastly, Deb is holding a giveaway where you could win a FQ bundle of Notting Hill - check it out.

Friday, November 16, 2012

No Follower Friday today, I decided to take a break with the holidays right around the corner, traveling, etc. etc. so we'll pick back up in the New Year. If you'd like to volunteer, email me at

Nothing new to report from my sewing room, but I realized I forgot to tell you all that I started a Facebook page for Knotted-Thread! I decided it would be a fun way to set up some flash sales, share information, etc. So definitely go check it out and "like" the page.. there may or may not be some Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales going on that you'll want to know about...

Also, Simply Color precuts have arrived in the shop - yardage of the ombres will be in next week :)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My list of "Have to make's" is dwindling, which means my "want to make" list is growing!!! What an awesome feeling, Boyfriend's parents arrive in less than 2 weeks which was my deadline so i'm pretty excited! :) :) 

New Projects:
1. Thanksgiving Runner: Blocks done, in progress
2. EPP Wall hanging

3. Swoon - I'm DETERMINED to finish my one last block and piece it when i'm home for Christmas. I'm going with true blue :)

In Progress - 
1. Hurricane Sandy Relief Project - original post here, flickr group here. Blocks are winging their way across the globe as well as completed quilt tops! Three completed quilt tops, 2 by me, one by Sheila's quilt guild! These three are on their way to a longarm quilter that donated her services!!

Sheila's Guilds quilt

no. 1
excuse the terrible nighttime with a flash photo

no. 2
excuse the terrible nighttime photo

2. Infinity scarves - almost done with one

3. 3x6 bee blocks- Paper Pieced Hive - done, Sampler hive - not started.

4. Vintage Holiday- quilt top done 

5. Surprise Christmas Project - fabric pulled, solids arrived, this week's goal.

6. Road to Tennessee quilt- no progress.

Finished Projects:
1. T-shirt quilts - t-shirt quilt done, and robe quilt done (forgot to take pictures)

2. EPP Pillows - 2 pillows done and ready for the holidays 

Finished: 2
In Progress: 6
New: 3
Total: 9

Okay, that should cover it for now. If i'm quiet around here.. you know why.
I'm linking up with Lee

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{Travelin' Pic Stitch} Blog Hop

It's my turn! I've been following this blog hop, loving each person's pictures, the fabrics they chose and the different ways they chose to EPP and now, its my turn! First I was messing around with palette's

This one will be a future project.

Hawaii hibiscus


Puunene schoolhouse

Then I decided to use this one..
This was taken on the northern road of Maui from Naapili to Wailea
it's a one lane, windy road on the edge of the mountain
makes for very interesting passing..

I chose these fabrics 

Ever since seeing Bijou Lovely's pouch
I knew exactly what I wanted to make

I used the Lozenge templates found here
and then stalled.
A pouch? Make more and put them together?

Thanks for letting me participate Katy and Laura!
Don't forget to check out tomorrow's guest, Deborah

Edited to add completed picture:

Grr yellow walls for making everything look yellow.

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