Sunday, November 11, 2012

100 Day Hustle

We're halfway through the 100 Day Hustle!! Here's my progress so far..

Have to do:
1. Mystery Christmas Project - in progress (instagram - knotted_thread) DONE - reveal after Christmas
2. Commission Project - fabric ordered DONE

3. ROYGBIV quilt - Havent started. - Ordered the fabric, just waiting for the arrival.
4. EPP pouches (for SS) Done

5. laptop bags (for SS) Done

6. PP block for Halloween hop Done

7. EPP block for Katy and Laura's blog hop -
Next week, Tuesday

Would like to do:
1. Tennessee blocks quilt finished (blocks made, not pieced) pieced - working on finishing it

2. complete 5-10 blocks for EPP quilt No Progress - likely not to happen either
3. wine bag - when i'm in NJ
4. kimono shoes no progress.

All in all, i'll take it! How are you doing with your list??


  1. Wow ! You did made a lot of progress !!
    I love seing all those boxy pouches together, the colors are so cheerful !
    And I love those little hexie pouches too. How big were the hexies ? They seem to be so tiny.

    I'm doing pretty good too. I'm almost half way done with my list. I've removed a few things because I realized they were the projects I wanted to work on once I'm done sewing for everyone else :) Cannot wait !!

  2. Pretty darn good there!

    I didn't make a list ;o)

  3. wow - you've accomplished so much...very busy time for you!!

  4. Wow! You've been a busy bee...


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