Friday, November 9, 2012

Follower Friday - Kimberly

Whew, made it to Friday, been a whirlwind kind of week. We're back for more Follower Friday and this week we have with us..


Name:  Kimberly
Family:  I have a wonderful husband of 10 years, 2 beautiful girls ages 8 and 4.  I have a Great Dane, a mutt puppy and a bunny named Lola.
Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah
Flickr:  I am under Robot Mom Sews, of course. ;)

Day job: I work as a Coding Auditor for the University of Utah
Dream job:  I would LOVE to own my own fabric shop, to be able to pet pretty fabric and be around it all day long and sew, sew, sew.

What are you working on now?  I am recently addicted to Chevrons.  I love how they are so easy to make and come together so beautifully, points perfect.  They are very forgiving and easy! J

Charlie Brown Chevrons

2nd Chevron quilt – Mocha Charlie Brown
(Excuse the crappy phone photo)

Place:  San Francisco
Movie:  I LOVE old black & white movies, Downton Abbey, The Help and most recently Prometheus.  Besides Robots, I’m a little addicted to alien movies as well. ;)
Food:  Mexican!
Way to spend a Friday night:  With my family,  going to dinner and a movie.  OR you will usually find me sewing with the kids watching a movie in the background.  I’ve gotten very good at listening to movies. ;)

Fabric line:  Oh my – right now ‘Out to Sea’ is my all time favorite.  I am loving the mermaids and the ship prints.
Color:  Pink, red, grey
Designer:  I love everything Bonnie & Camille create

Project completed by you: My first Chevron quilt, my Taffy Pull quilt made from Ruby and my Rainbow Hourglass quilt.

Project when you need a quick finish:  I make ‘stash bags’…generously sized zipper pouches.  I love to make them for an instant gratification.
Mustache ‘Stash bag’

Rainbow Hourglass

Taffy Pull

Least Favorites:
Color:  I am not a huge fan of brown, which I didn’t realize until I got a custom order for the brown Charlie Brown Chevron quilt, and realized that I never pick brown when I’m picking fabric.
Fabric line: I don’t like Batik’s….I don’t understand them.  I might be a bit of a fabric snob.  Please don’t judge me. ;)

Project completed by you:  My first quilt attempted….it was a disaster and shameful.   I used polyester batting (it’s EXTRA poufy), satin binding strips from JoAnn’s (EEEK) and I sewed the binding on backwards.  Yup….backwards so the frayed cut edges are facing towards the quilt front, with the stitches sewn on the right side.  Ugh.  For some reason I couldn’t figure out bindings for the life of me.  I went through a very dark time then.   I swore I’d never do another binding, then I ran into an awesome tutorial and CLICK!  I got it!  And now, binding is my most favorite part of the quilt process.  I love to take it and sit on my patio and finish hand stitching it on.  One of those things that once you figure out, you are like Duh-what was I thinking?
Although I hated this first quilt creation of mine, my oldest Robot daughter loved it and has spent many nights cuddling with it.  One of these days, I will cut that horrid satin binding off and replace it with something respectable.  LOL.

Big plans for 2012?
On my to-do list:
1.     I’ve mastered stippling and I just ordered Angela Walters book on FMQ.  I am excited to learn different ways to FMQ. 
2.     I have a Robot quilt I have started (a Robot Mom needs to have a Robot Quilt!) from Bo Davis’ book, “Dare to be Square”.  It is SO cute.  So far, I’ve got the Robot head and an arm.  I am tweaking the pattern a little bit as I’m a wee bit girly.  I’m excited to finish this.
3.     My little sister is getting married in December, so I will need to start on making the happy couple a quilt – of course!

My Red Scooter

Thanks for joining us today Kimberly!!

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  1. Thank you Jenn for featuring me! Love your blog and Follower Friday is so much fun!


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