Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just Three - November

Decided to try my luck again this month and link up to TraceyJay's Just Three

First, let's look back at October..
1. Mystery Christmas Project - complete the bulk and start the final touches (hoping to be completely done before Thanksgiving) - Instagram, if you're interested :) - finished this - in the home stretch now!! 

2. Commissioned Christmas Gifts - I have an order for 30 items, materials are ordered, I want to get the pieces cut and finish 15 of them completely this month..

all pieces cut - 15 finished
but another 10 items were ordered to the initial 30!

3. Surprise Project - don't you hate those?! Sorry, can't tell you more now, but I need to get started on this on as it also has a Nov/Dec deadline - didn't even start it.

November list-
1. Mystery Christmas Project- complete it.
2. Commissioned Christmas Gifts -  15 down, 25 to go. complete it.
3.  Stockings and Tree Skirt -  complete it.

I really better get all these done, if not, i'll only have 2 weeks before I go home in December! Ah! TIme is closing in on me! :)


  1. Glad your getting some done on your Just 3, me not too much sewing going on in my world at the moment.

  2. Yikes. The pressure is on, isn't it?! Good luck, Jen!!

  3. Good job on your first two goals form last month. Good luck with finishing up on your commissioned projects. Those always stress me out :)

  4. Good luck with the list!

    Just home and catching up, love what you've been working on, and glad to hear that your family is safe among the devastation in NJ. Once I'm more awake I'll check back on the support post.

  5. Wow a lot of commissions there! I hope you get those completed along with the other projects on the list!


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