Monday, November 12, 2012


Well, i'm enjoying today off from work due to Veteran's day! Thank you Veteran's and current soldiers for all you do!!

This weekend was a whirlwind, but my list is getting smaller.. Steve keeps accusing me of adding more things though... maybe I am? :)

Another t-shirt quilt..yep, all Twilight.. 

do good November blocks

Specifications were "no patterns"


Now on to the fun stuff - I'm having a Veteran's day sale.
10% off with the code "veteran2012"
good on FABRIC for 24 hours

All orders will ship on Wednesday 11/13/12
i'm waiting on the last few bolts to arrive on Tuesday (seems like lots of shops had this problem)



  1. Adding things to your list? The very idea! (He obviously doesn't understand the stacked concept - you take one off the top, you add one on the bottom ;o) )


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