Thursday, November 1, 2012


Just a quick post today - First, you NEED to go vote for my girl Jess and her Totally Groovy Quilt. She spent hours quilting this and i'm just in awe of it.

I stole these pictures from Jess's blog 
For the record, Jess didn't ask me to blog about this, i've just loved watching her journey
through this quilt and know how much time, energy and love she put into it..
Go vote here!!

Next on the agenda.. I need to embroider names onto a stocking.. any recommendations? I'm no good at embroidery to begin with and I really don't want to mess this up! Any help you could offer would be appreciated!



  1. Agreed - her quilt is amazing!! I'm no help on the embroidery :(

  2. Boy this really is awesome! Thanks for leading us to the link - love seeing them all!

  3. I had already voted for Jess, but I'm sure she appreciates the shout out! I just love her quilt and followed along each step of the way. I'm in admiration over her quilting.

  4. Just voted (not sure if I am meant to be able to see the number of votes, but she is coming 2nd just now). xxx

  5. Here's a picture of one I made with the name in cross-stitch.

  6. That quilting is stunning. I voted for her earlier today


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