Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{Travelin' Pic Stitch} Blog Hop

It's my turn! I've been following this blog hop, loving each person's pictures, the fabrics they chose and the different ways they chose to EPP and now, its my turn! First I was messing around with palette's

This one will be a future project.

Hawaii hibiscus


Puunene schoolhouse

Then I decided to use this one..
This was taken on the northern road of Maui from Naapili to Wailea
it's a one lane, windy road on the edge of the mountain
makes for very interesting passing..

I chose these fabrics 

Ever since seeing Bijou Lovely's pouch
I knew exactly what I wanted to make

I used the Lozenge templates found here
and then stalled.
A pouch? Make more and put them together?

Thanks for letting me participate Katy and Laura!
Don't forget to check out tomorrow's guest, Deborah

Edited to add completed picture:

Grr yellow walls for making everything look yellow.


  1. Lovely colours! How about a tote or cushion. Something to really show off the block? Not sure how big it is in reality so not sure.

  2. Pretty!! We stayed at Wailea 2 years ago for my husband's work conference - so beautiful!

  3. Isn't messing around with palette's FUN?!!! Love the block you've made and it looks like your blog and shop are going great guns! :) Have fun in hawaii.. I miss it!

  4. Beautiful 'block!' How big is it as is?

  5. Hi, can you please email me the address to send the Hurricane Sandy blocks to?

  6. Beautiful photos and lovely block. Do you live in Hawaii? S where I've never been but it looks lovely

  7. a lovely pallet and lovely fabrics. It would look great appliqued to the front of a pouch

  8. LOve it.. I am learning EPP with this HOP.. thank you

  9. That's so beautiful block and I like those shapes you have used! Your last photo could be from my camera and from Crete! All your photos and palettes are wonderful! x Teje

  10. Not only do you create amazing pallets with your great pics, you live in my most favourite place on earth!! I should hate you but I dont- love you blog, keep it coming! Your epp would make a great pillow!

  11. Cool, love all the palettes you went through too!

  12. Beautiful, make something you will use often, so that when you leave paradise you will have a little piece with you xxx

  13. I think I am really liking the lozenges EPP pieces. You have such pretty photos to work with.

  14. I love your pictures and colours and your block. I am going to have to play with those lozenge shapes too.

  15. I want to come visit you! Your photos are so gorgeous! I love how you created such a fun design with the lozenges. I might need to bust some out too. ;) Thanks for linking the template!

  16. The lozenges are really a fun design. You didn't have to travel far since you live in paradise!

  17. Yours looks great! This is actually the same design I was trying but I couldn't find a template (grrr!) and tried to wing it. The end result is ok but a little wonky and definitely should have been easie :)


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