Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'm continuing off of last week's list with some finishes and some new additions.. 

New Projects - 
1. Hurricane Sandy Relief Project - original post here, flickr group here. I've capped off the blocks donation when we reached 300!!! But we're still taking backing, batting, binding donations! :)

2. Infinity scarves (not necessity, but want to make)
3. 3x6 bee blocks- i'm in 2 hives this round.. what was I thinking (not due until January 15th, but need to get going on them or i'll forget)
I'm using Lee's Cartwheels block for my paper piece bee

4. Vintage Holiday- For some reason I decided this would be a good idea to start today.. hm, 6 blocks down, 6 to go.

Finished List - 
1. Mystery Christmas Project (on instagram) - finished, this will get a post after Christmas 
2. Christmas Orders - Finished!
20 makeup brush rolls 

20 boxy pouches

3. Stockings and tree skirt - Done and Done. full post after the holidays

In Progress List..
1. T-shirt quilts - 2 more to go, cut and ready.. waiting on backing to arrive

2. Surprise Christmas Project - not started, fabric isnt even pulled for this one..

3. EPP Pillows - one pillow done, one waiting to be quilted -- no pillow forms in Hawaii so pretend its all fluffed up and fabulous

envelope closure, because.. no pillow form here :)

4. Road to Tennessee quilt- no progress.

Finished: 3
In Progress: 4
New: 4
Total: 8 

Okay, that should cover it for now. If i'm quiet around here.. you know why.
I'm linking up with Lee


  1. So much loveliness! I just mailed your blocks so really hoping they arrive in time. I think I'm going to do the ornaments and infinity scraves are definitely on my list.

  2. Wow! Girl, you're on fire! It all looks gorgeous, but i especially love the epp pillow :o)

  3. Wow - you just are going to town - awesome work, Jennifer! Your Vintage Holiday is going together quick! And I'm loving your EPP pillow - very cool. Btw, how are you collecting binding fabric - a certain length already made? Pieces of fabric? How about adding a post to the flickr group about how/what & we all can sign up...

  4. No pillow forms in Hawaii????? Really? I do love that EPP cover. Very fun.

  5. Look at you go! I'm so happy there are so many blocks being donated. Warms my heart.

  6. I love your vintage holiday quilt!

  7. Wow what a lot of projects there! Some really great finishes!
    What is the fabric on the EPP pillows the second picture?

  8. so much to like...the first pillow is the same fabric I am thinking of making my Christmas gifts from....I love that pillow design.


  9. I love the vintage holiday... Of course you have to start it when you get the urge to do such things! That's what we do! lol

    Well done on your efforts on the hurricane quilts. Sounds like you got a huge response & it is coming along quickly! Great effort!

  10. Shoot. I just bought 2 yards of Kona white to make hurricane help blocks with. I didn't want to sign up until I had the fabric in hand (supposed to arrive today). Any chance you'll take some more? Is there anyone else I could send them to?


  11. Keep sewing! The EPP pillow is just lovely :)


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