Monday, December 31, 2012

Accomplishments of 2012

This year, as many of you who have been reading are aware was filled with many new changes for me. In June, my boyfriend and I decided to move 6,000 miles away from family and friends to Hawaii which has been the most amazing experience for us.

Then, I decided to fulfill a dream of mine to open my own business. The challenges that have come with that are exactly what I needed in this phase of my life and though it has only been 3 months, i'm very excited to see where it will go. 

Lastly, in October, Hurricane Sandy hit home and hundreds of families were affected. I started my crusade to make quilts for families affected and was astounded at the outpouring of love and determination to help. We made 15 quilts that were given to families affected by the Hurricane. The Star Ledger wrote about our endeavors which you can read here. I hand delivered 6 of the quilts, but not all wanted their picture taken. The rest were given to my aunt whose church has a list of affected families. The church has been going to visit the families and help with anything they need around the house to help them return to a sense of normalcy. My aunt will be bringing the quilts when they go to houses. 

My aunt and cousin showing off one of the quilts

former high school teachers in their rented place until they can get back to their house

sister's best friend and her mom, they're in their house but had to gut the entire first floor

My big accepting for her brother and wife

This project was easily the biggest accomplishment for 2012. I appreciate every kind word, thought, block sent, etc etc. The help was AMAZING. I still have 2 quilts to finish that I wasnt able to get done in time, so I can't even imagine how it would have been without the help of my amazing quilters, Diane, Toni, Rebecca, Shanley and Rachel. Thank you thank you to everyone involved in this amazing project.

I will be doing a full post tomorrow showcasing each of the quilts we made!! You don't want to miss it!


  1. this makes my heart sing. I am so glad you let me be a part of this group!

  2. An awesome year for you! Thanks for letting us be a part in it...

  3. I am in awe of you for all you do, and for bringing together quilters all over the world to help each in their own way. Lovely to see the smiles on the faces above. People are resilient but it is always good to know that others in the world think of people in crisis and are willing to help.

  4. They were great accomplishments all round, especially the Sandy effort :o)

  5. So encouraging--15 quilts! Rock on, girl. :)

  6. You must feel so happy seeing the rewards of your hard work in those smiling faces! Well done you, and I can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2013!


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