Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Celebrate! do. good

I'm sure many of you know about the quilting bee, do.good stitches. Rachel is its creator. Earlier this year she contacted me about starting a new circle and asked if I would be willing to oversee it, of course I was elated! What an honor! With that said, the Believe circle was born.

I was privileged enough to come into contact with 9 other amazing woman who i've come to know, some i've had the privilege to meet, work with and be inspired by.

When Rachel organized this Celebrate! project for do.good, as a way to highlight the circles and the work they do throughout the year, I was excited to have my circle enter to show off their hard work and dedication to such an amazing program.

We were given the task of selecting one quilt of our completed quilts this year to represent our circle for the open voting. Now, we haven't been a circle for a full year yet, but we rose to the challenge and selected this quilt..

"Wonky Pinwheels"
It was donated to "My Very Own Blanket"
October 2012

Now, Rachel has set up an open voting, so make sure you go check out the quilts and pick your favorite. If you're inclined, pick ours! Help us celebrate the amazing people that take part in this organization and all the good work that they do throughout the year.

Thank YOU for making this an awesome experience for me and helping to make the Believe circle a success!


  1. Jennifer, that is so beautiful quilt! Wonderful pattern and white with lots of colours looks beautiful!

  2. yay! youve been such a good leader! I'm so glad one of yours is in the running! Thanks for being a great bee momma!


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