Monday, December 17, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Christmas Gifts

It's been a bit quiet over here, i'm home for the holidays and enjoying every jam packed second!

So, this past October my brother and his girlfriend got engaged! I wanted to make them something to commemorate their first Christmas together. Since I don't know his fiancĂ©'s tastes very well I asked him for some help - I was told, she likes vintage. Yeh, great, I'm a modern quilter.

After some  searching I came across Moda's line, Dear Mr. Claus. Boom! Perfect balance of greens and reds with vintage style ornament prints and really cute retro santa's! I was planning on making stockings, but found out her family would probably be getting these as they all have the same ones as part of their tradition. Then my brother made a request. Now, he really isnt one for my quilting/ one for requesting anything, so when he made the request I jumped at the chance to fulfill his request. 

He asked for a tree skirt. Great, never made one of them before, I wanted to make tree pants after seeing them last year and loving the square shape.. wait, back up, she likes vintage, square is not the way to go.. back to square one. 

After scouring the internet, for something a little different than a run of the mill tree skirt, I found this. I was able to modify it to meet my needs and I came up with my own version..

Then, I decided matching stockings were a must :)
Hand-embroidered names, perfect touch and vintage-y feel, I thought so..

Yesterday was the engagement party so I was finally able to gift them. They loved them, and I couldn't have been more pleased!!

photo credit - Brian McGee Photo

Congratulations Dan and Amanda! Can't wait till next year!!


  1. The stockings and skirt are adorable and totally catch the vintage vibe - so gald you are enjoying your time back 'home'!

  2. Gorgeous present, well done you! I always find it hard sewing to other peoples' taste but you've done well there :D

  3. What a great gift Jennifer.

    I just went to your etsy site the other day to order some fabric but you were gone already. I'll catch you when you get home!

  4. Gorgeous gifts. Love that tree skirt. In fact, as soon as I finish this comment I am going to pin it so I don't forget it.

  5. Congratulations to Dan and Amanda! Your stockings and tree skirt are awesome!!! Especially love the tree skirt!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Congrats to them, and great contribution to their first Christmas! I did have to giggle a bit though, spot the person normally living in the hot, sunny climate ;o)

  7. Congrats to your brother. Love the tree skirt and stockings. They are beautiful. Enjoy your time home in NJ!

  8. I've been looking for a tree skirt pattern for years. I really like this one. May be this is going to be under my tree next year. Thanks for showing us.

  9. This is the cutest tree skirt I've seen so far. What a lucky couple!

  10. Awesome! What a great present for an engaged couple. I hope they love it. :)

  11. Great thinking batman! the tree skirt is gorgeous as are the stockings :) well done

  12. This is my most favorite tree skirt to ever hit blogland. LOVE IT!!


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