Saturday, January 5, 2013

4th Quarter Finish A Long list

I can't believe the 4th quarter is coming to a close - this was a great thing for me because it kept me on track, I definitely plan on playing along next year! Here's my end of 2012 list..

1. Mystery Christmas Project  - on instagram - done - full post here

2. Mystery December Project - sorry, no more details yet.. - done - full post here

3. Commissioned project - 40 items, need to be done by Thanksgiving - done

the makeup bag half..

4. We Bee Modern blocks - i'd like to have these in a quilt top by the end of the year.. - fail.. maybe in 2013.

5. Maple Leaf quilt top - done, no pictures though, finish in 2013 hopefully.


  1. Go you, well done, especially given all the trips and visitors!

  2. Boy and all those projects there weren't even on your list! You had a very busy & productive quarter!

  3. Busy girl! Love the dresdens!


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