Friday, February 1, 2013

Blogger Block of the Month

A while back Dhia asked me to participate in her Blogger Block of the Month Series - I decided to pick one of my favorite blocks. I believe its an older block, but i've been modifying it a bit to make it my own. I'm not sure the real name of it, but i've been calling it "WhirlWind"

- (2) 6" squares - yellow
- (4) 3" squares - pink
- (4) 3 3/8" squares - green

 Cut the 6" squares (yellow) diagonally and the 3 3/8" squares (green) the same way

Put your larger triangle pieces off to the side
Match up one of your small triangle pieces with one of your squares like this and stitch all 4 on one side

There will be a little overlap, this is expected! Don't trim it!

Press your seams open for all of them

Take your other triangle piece and line it up like this

When you open it, it should look like this

Press your seams open again, your pieces should look like this

You may need to trim your triangle pieces to match the other pieces, do this now

Once your pieces are trimmed, 

sew them together on the longer side and press the seams open

Your pieces should measure 5" squared at this point

Sew the top pieces together, then the bottom pieces
Be sure to match up the seams when you're sewing to create crisp points

Press your seams open

line up the center seam when you sew the final piece

Press your block and trim to 9.5" if necessary!

Step back and admire your work! 

If you'd like to donate any blocks you make during the blog hop 
they will be used for Margaret's Hope Chest

Mail the blocks to:

Peach Patch Quilts
P.O. Box 0012
Sullivan, WI 53178


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