Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hawaii Lovin'

Boyfriend and I decided that it was necessary to play tourist this weekend and go on a whale watching tour. For those of you that don't know, Jan-Apr is prime whale watching time in Hawaii. The humpback whales come back to Hawaii to give birth and breed. Maui has a lot of shallow water around it (shallow meaning 300ft, versus 16-18,000 ft) around it, due to the proximity of the other islands that the whales stay close to the shores and "relax"

checking out our island from the water..

first sighting!

male just chilling and waving "hello" repeatedly..

Then boyfriend and I noticed some aqua water.. lighter than everything around it, so I focused the camera on that and got...

spy hopping! Checking out the area..

Mother and calf swimming together

wait... now they're headed towards the boat..

that male from before, swam UNDER the boat, we could completely see him the water was so clear!

We could literally touch the mom and baby they were so close.

Kahoolawe Island which is named for the hump on the island resembling a humpback whale
(or so they told us)

Maui and Haleakala in the distance

We may have played the tourist, but i'm so glad we did. Who knows when i'll be in Hawaii during the next whale season?! The more I find out about this place.. the more I love it :)



  1. Wow, that is INCREDIBLE! Amazing to see nature so close up, and look at that beautiful blue water. Can I come??? :)

  2. oh that's so cool! We went to Maui in January 3 years ago and went on a similar cruise - SO amazing!!

  3. Wow, how amazing. What a fabulous day it would have been

  4. Whale watching is magical. I used to watch them in Alaska and you never fail to be enthralled no matter how many times you see them. Looks like had an amazing experience.

  5. So cool! Of course you should be playing tourist! It will probably be a while before we get to Hawaii so I need to live vicariously through you!

  6. Oh that is magical - what a special thing to do! My son loved the photos too - thanks for sharing :-)

  7. Wow!
    I saw The Descendants last weekend, so am now even more jealous xxx

  8. um yea, this is my dream!!! i want to see whales so bad! looks like yall had fun

  9. That is so amazing, they are such beautiful creatures! I flip out when I see a dolphin, I can't imagine seeing a whale! :D Thanks for posting the photos!

  10. What a special day. We're going to go whale watching soon too here in California.

  11. So much fun! I totally took advantage of the time when I was working in South Africa and crammed in all of these sorts of things, including whale watching!

  12. I love this! I need to go to hawaii so I can see baby whales too!

  13. That's awesome! You got some great photos too. I am still holding out that someday when I'm at the beach I'll catch some orcas. :)

  14. That is so cool! I went on a whale watching trip off San Diego when I was in grade school. I was sea sick most of the time and don't have fond memories... maybe I should come to Hawaii and try again!

  15. How wonderful! A whale said hi to you=pretty epic.


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