Sunday, February 10, 2013


Phew. Ever have one of those weekends when you are more tired at the end of it, then when it started?! That sums up my past weekend.

Most Saturdays boyfriend and I head into town, meaning Kahului where we drop the dog off for adoption days (since we're fostering, every weekend its possible we wont come back with her). When we arrived we found out there was a Chinese New Year celebration! Good for us, bad for our terrified, super shy, skittish dog.

In the car.. sometimes, I think she thinks she's human, what dog sits like that! For a solid 40 minutes too..weirdo :)

Boyfriend got called into work so we booked it back to the west side and I couldnt even tell you what I did the rest of the day..

Sunday I had my massive destash on Instagram (@knotted_thread -- if you dont follow, you should think about it! I'm constantly listing random fq bundles and deals from the shop!) That kept me busy most of the morning/midday

Thanks everybody for helping me clean out my sewing studio!!

I spent the rest of the day quilting, quilting, quilting..
Hoping to have this done this week, bound and off to its new owner!

Even though it was an exhausting weekend.. i'm happy to report I didnt have to shovel one speck of snow! hahaha (sorry east coast friends! It was much nicer looking at it through your pictures than dealing with it in person!)


 On an unrelated note, twenty-thr3e precuts arrived on Saturday 
Summerville Spring and Serenata should be arriving anyday!

This week is the last week to take advantage of our Notting Hill Valentines Day special as well!



  1. Jam packed weekend indeed. We thought about going into London this weekend but as one of our main goals would have been going for dim sum we opted for next weekend when we will have a chance to actually get a seat in our favourite restaurant. It was a pleasure to aid in your destash.

  2. I often have that 'knackered at the end of the weekend' feeling these days, though I think I might be able to catch up a bit at Easter (yes I know how far that is away!)

    I totally laughed when I saw the pic of the nutty dog though

  3. Oh your sweet dog is adorable - it must be tough not knowing whether she'll be coming back with you. I love Chinese New Year and is definitely something I miss about living in London!

  4. I'm interested to see what summerville spring will look like.


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