Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Little engine that could is back once more.. slow and steady wins the race.. I completed all of my February Finishes for my Year of Lovely finishes back on Monday so I decided to give myself 3 days for "fun" sewing before March started with more commitments and projects to be completed.

Finished Projects:
1. Year of Lovely Finishes - February - postage stamp quilt is the new one this week
Mod Pop Quilt

15 Hexies

Postage Stamp Quilt

Works in Progress:
1. Spools for Sewing Room - no progress. broke my FMQ'ing foot, waiting on a replacement.
2. Honeycomb Stitch Along - no progress.
3. Commission Quilts  - quilt #1 finished. quilt #2 shirts are cut and waiting on backing to arrive.. waiting on quilt #3 to arrive!

New Projects
1. Since I finished all my February commitments early, I gave myself 3 days to work on my "fun sewing"  (more on this soon!)

2. Pattern Testing - I have a patten i'm testing for a friend, needs to be done in a month but i'd rather get moving on it now so i'll be starting asap.

Future W.i.P.  - These are the projects that were put on the back burner and will be reappearing, but aren't "new" projects
1. DWR Quilt - Finished my arcs, now to cut my melons and get piecing
2. We Bee Modern Too Quilt - no progress.
3. Vintage Holiday - no progress.
4. Heirloom Quilt - no progress.

Two more weeks of school... then spring break and 2 weeks off!! Woohooo!
Lots planned in that time off! I cant wait!
As always, I'm linking up with Lee


  1. Two weeks off!?! That would be glorious!

  2. Your projects all look great Jennifer. Looking forward to seeing what this "fun sewing" is!!

  3. "Fun sewing" sounds great! The postage stamp looks amazing, the ombre back has such a good effect.

  4. Woo wooo! <- that's my train whistle noise, just for the little engine that could ;o) Hope you get your new FMQ foot soon!

  5. Looking good! Love the postage stamp quilt!


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