Sunday, March 31, 2013

March - Year of Lovely Finishes Recap

Whew, this month I was able to get 2 of my goals finished, so I consider that to be a success!

Slow and steady seems to be my motto this year as i'm chugging along working on projects, ticking them off my list. It's a wonderful feeling!!

1. March - Snowflake Hexies -- 15 more this month - boyfriend keeps asking when am I going to have "enough" -- who knows! I'm loving the process though..

2. We Bee Modern Too quilt - done!

Now, to think about my April list... hmmm


  1. Yay for ticks off the list! Love that bee quilt, such fab colours :o) I suggest if bf keeps it up, you stick one where the sun doesn't shine...

  2. Laughing at Katy's comment :) The bee quilt does look gorgeous - the colours are so pretty. What the bf said is totally what my husband would say. When I showed him my latest finish, he asked who it was for and when I replied 'for us' he had a 'how many quilts does one person need' expression on his face but managed to say, 'oh right' or something like that. They'll never learn.

  3. Oh! I love your Wee Bee Modern quilt! Those colors are gorgeous. I'm also happy to see your stack of hexie snowflakes growing. :)

  4. Love your quilt! Beautiful colors!


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