Wednesday, March 20, 2013

W.i.P. Spring Break Style

I'm taking full advantage this spring break, working on anything and everything i've had sitting around waitinggggg to be completed. Don't worry, i'm enjoying myself too though!

So far, i've got 3 quilt tops completed and i'm working on my 4th, nothing major, just some designs i've been wanting to try for a long time.. I've been playing with some mirror dots.. seriously, this top just screams "princess" to me haha

orbit QAL top

can't show you this one as i'm pattern testing for a friend
(excuse the terrible lighting from my cell phone)

I've been doing a bit of this..

all the while being kept company by this face
my ironing board is right in front of her face, i'm terrified she's going to get too close!

 Then i'm playing with these..

 Making some long overdue sidekick totes
as well as another little something new..

Well, for 3 days in, i'm feeling pretty confident with how i've been doing

Boyfriend and I are headed to the big island this weekend.
My birthday is Saturday, so we'll be spending it in a helicopter checking out a volcano 
:) :)

Here's to a productive rest of the week
next week i'll be basting and quilting everything! yuck!


  1. I love the layout of the "princess" quilt top, that's a great idea!

  2. Oh how cool! Take loads of volcano pics please!

  3. Certainly looks and sounds like you're having a ball. Have a great birthday!

  4. Wow, great week so far, and Happy Birthday for Saturday! :o)

  5. Haha, total princess! Yeah, I think you've done well for three days. Everything looks great! And what a cool birthday present! Have fun!

  6. oh what a fun few days!! Love that you are making great progress on your list, including trying some new things!

  7. WOW have you ever been busy Jennifer! All great projects. Happy birthday, and enjoy the chopper ride!!

  8. You're right, that top one is total princess! You've been doing great though :o) I have big plans for easter weekend, but I only have 4 days to accomplish things in, so we'll see!

    Happy birthday for Saturday, and have fun :o)

  9. Love the orbit QAL. I envision honeycomb or orientals when I see it. You've done a great job on your quilt tops. I am also curious about your 'secret' project you're working on for a friend. The fabrics look fun!

  10. Your dog is so cute! I saw mention you were fostering here awhile ago, I thought--is that ongoing, or did you adopt her? Pets are crazy brave about the iron--my cat flirts with danger constantly! He's equally heedless about the space heater, but I guess he'll learn the hard way someday if he ever gets too close.

    Enjoy the volcano! My family flew around the island (my dad was a pilot) and it was so neat to see!

  11. Jen, Have the happiest birthday ever!!!!


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