Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Swooning along..

Two more blocks finished this month...

I'm loving these with Carnaby Street!

Here's a recap of the other blocks to..

Excuse the toes... 

7 down.. more to go 


Monday, April 29, 2013

April or BUST?

Well, April has been a complete bust when it comes to sewing for me.. My parents and grandparents came to visit, immediately followed by our friends from New Jersey. Now school is winding down so i've have many an IEP meeting and working on that.. phew..

I'll just give a quick recap of April, then be back on track with my sewing projects!!

gma and dad

 mom and dad

My 89 year old grandpa flew to CA and took a 14 day cruise to spend ONE
day with me on Maui.. I have the most amazing family :) :)

The night before my mom was leaving to come see me, she called with "a favor"
apparently one of her friends is moving and she wanted to give them a quilt, and she was hoping to be able to take it with her when she left.. 10 days later
So this was what I came up with
I used Serenata for the quilt top and backing

embroidered with "Bless our home"
and the back had a place for my mom and her friends to sign their well wishes

I used Elizabeth Hartman's block design for the house
All in all, super happy with how it came out and it went together really fast.

Another reason that i've been so MIA is because...
boyfriend and I got ENGAGED!!!!

He waited until my parents arrived, asked my dad and then they spent a week
planning and getting the ring
He asked at sunset with my parents there... couldnt have been more perfect for me

Traditional blowing of the conch shells at sunset.. family tradition ;)

So there you have it, why i've been so MIA!
Now, back to the sewing and regularly scheduled programming


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Longterm W.i.P.

This is one of those never ending W.I.P.  but thats okay with me, no deadlines..

I finished 2 more Swoon blocks this week, bringing the grand total to 5
Boyfriend claims he wants a king size.. which means I need about 11 more.
We'll see how THAT goes...

I'm using mostly Carnaby Street prints for these
mixed with some blenders and coordinating ones from my stash

This is one of those slow and steady projects.. I cut fabric when I'm in the mood to prep projects
then when I have an hour or two to kill i'll make a block

Slow and steady wins the race! 

I like where this is going! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Have you all heard of this new pattern by the fabulous Julie from Distant Pickles? It's called Wedge-ulous, and I was fortunate enough to pattern test  it for her!

I made the baby size version of the quilt and opted to leave off the bottom and top borders
and bind it on the "wedge"

She has a lap size version available within the pattern that I will definitely be trying next!

i decided to use some Life in the Jungle prints since this pattern is great for showcasing prints!

I then machine quilted within the white to keep the wedges puffed

There are some super cute versions of this that people have made so be sure to check out Julie's post!!
She's also offering a great coupon code to purchase her patterns!

If you have interest in the quilt I made, it's listed in my etsy shop!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Well, we survived, a whirlwind 10 days with my parents out to visit us! I was able to get a bunch of time off work and spend a lot of time with my momma! It was wonderful. Now, i have 3 days to get as much sewing, cleaning and organizing done before our friends come out and stay with us for another week! Phew!

I spent the first night boyfriend and I had trying to unwind and prep some projects i've been twitching to get working on..

 While I try and re-organize my life and sewing area, I thought i'd share some new bundles we have available in the shop! First up, Cookies n' Cream.

We have this is fat quarters and half yards
great for stash building those basics!

Brights bundle
available in half yards and fat quarters

We've got more coming in the next month and need to make room!
Use the code APRIL10 for 10% off your entire fabric purchase!
Coupon code valid through Friday, April 19 midnight EST

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pretty Pretty Princess Quilt

I realized this morning that I never showed off my Pretty Pretty Princess Quilt!

I've seen this pattern popping up all over and I decided I needed to try it
I used various pinks and purples from my stash

Simple double straight line quilting on the diagonal

Including some mirror ball dots!

Everything about this quilt screams princess to me..

Bound with some summerville spring

This quilt is available in my etsy shop.
It measures approximately 36" x 48"
ready to ship for immediate snuggling!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PB&J by Basic Grey

PB&J has arrived!! I'm loving this line, the colors, the prints, very cute all around!

some of the various prints in the line
we've got yardage, fat eighth, fat quarter bundles
available in the shop

If you follow me on IG you mayyyy have noticed i'm running a starter special?
Just saying... :)

@knotted_thread on IG

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

As some of you may know, my parents are here on island visiting this week!! We've been spending as much time as we can with them and enjoying out little slice of home while they are here. Last weekend my dad decided he needed to go fishing. He's always enjoyed it, i've never gone due to the ungodly hour you need to wake up, but, we all went.

We went with a company on the island known for using live bait, so that was the first task. On the boat, leaving at 5am to go catch our bait, mackerel to be more specific. Totally my kind of fishing, drop the line, immediately start reeling because you have 2-3 fish on the line. This I can handle :)

Alright, we've got our bait, now off to some deeper water. This is where dad and boyfriend step in for most of the fishing..

First catch, 
Mahi mahi!

Dad is clearly not going to get upstaged by boyfriend who has never been fishing before...
No picture, but another Mahi Mahi!

 Boyfriend's at it again, Amberjack this time 
(this one isn't good eating, so catch and release)

If you're keeping count, it's
boyfriend - 2
dad - 1

Not to be outdone, he catches the monster of a fish
35lb Giant Trevally 
Ulua to the Hawaiians

Then of course, a red snapper
also not good eating at this size
so it was sent back to the sea

Final count
boyfriend - 3
dad- 3
Thankfully a tie, both were very pleased by the end of the day!

If you have any interest in fishing, I'd definitely recommend doing it in Hawaii! The diversity of fish was so awesome to see and the guys that took us out were so helpful and nice. We caught enough to take some home, along with all of them and we're still eating it! I'm fully aware that this was a lucky day and usually not so many fish are caught ;)

Back to work and spending time with the family. I swear, I have been sewing and I do have some to show you, but that we'll save for another time!

If you follow on IG i'm running a special on Mirror Balls dots today! (@knotted_thread)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Finish-a-Long Quarter 2

Time to set up that list for our 2nd quarter of the Finish-A-Long. If you haven't participated before, here's the deal. Leanne is our fabulous host, and every quarter (3 months) you set a goal for thing(s) you want to accomplish. Be sure to link up that blog post here. Then, post your progress throughout the quarter. Every finish is one entry (in the final link up) to win some fabulous prizes!

Quarter 2
1. Mother's Day Bags - this came as a special request from boyfriend's momma - fabrics are picked and I have all my supplies

2. Puff Quilts - I have 3 of these I need to make by June

3. Indie Quilt - Just need to baste and quilt this one

4. Hexie Snowflakes - make 50 more of these, I have 100 now, possibly start putting together..

Alrighty, should keep me busy. We also have tons of visitors in these next few months and we're still determining if we're staying or moving, so lots and lots going on! Don't forget to link up with Leanee!

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