Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April - Year of Lovely Finishes

I can't believe it's April already, the year is flying by!! This month we have lots of visitors so i'm not sure how productive I will be! Short and Sweet this month..

April List
1. Hexie Snowflakes -- as always, 15 more this month
2. Mother's Day Bags (2)
3. Puff Quilt - Need to finish 3 by June, so i'll shoot for 1 this month

Hm, between this, all the visitors and 8 weeks left of school, should be busy!! 


  1. Sounds busy alright! Enjoy all of your company.

  2. Sounds like plenty to me too! What fun to show your visitors your island home!

  3. Well everyone has to fit in their exotic holidays before you head home again ;o) Good luck!

  4. You seem to get more finished than anyone I know. What is a puff quilt?


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