Tuesday, April 9, 2013

As some of you may know, my parents are here on island visiting this week!! We've been spending as much time as we can with them and enjoying out little slice of home while they are here. Last weekend my dad decided he needed to go fishing. He's always enjoyed it, i've never gone due to the ungodly hour you need to wake up, but, we all went.

We went with a company on the island known for using live bait, so that was the first task. On the boat, leaving at 5am to go catch our bait, mackerel to be more specific. Totally my kind of fishing, drop the line, immediately start reeling because you have 2-3 fish on the line. This I can handle :)

Alright, we've got our bait, now off to some deeper water. This is where dad and boyfriend step in for most of the fishing..

First catch, 
Mahi mahi!

Dad is clearly not going to get upstaged by boyfriend who has never been fishing before...
No picture, but another Mahi Mahi!

 Boyfriend's at it again, Amberjack this time 
(this one isn't good eating, so catch and release)

If you're keeping count, it's
boyfriend - 2
dad - 1

Not to be outdone, he catches the monster of a fish
35lb Giant Trevally 
Ulua to the Hawaiians

Then of course, a red snapper
also not good eating at this size
so it was sent back to the sea

Final count
boyfriend - 3
dad- 3
Thankfully a tie, both were very pleased by the end of the day!

If you have any interest in fishing, I'd definitely recommend doing it in Hawaii! The diversity of fish was so awesome to see and the guys that took us out were so helpful and nice. We caught enough to take some home, along with all of them and we're still eating it! I'm fully aware that this was a lucky day and usually not so many fish are caught ;)

Back to work and spending time with the family. I swear, I have been sewing and I do have some to show you, but that we'll save for another time!

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