Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Longterm W.i.P.

This is one of those never ending W.I.P.  but thats okay with me, no deadlines..

I finished 2 more Swoon blocks this week, bringing the grand total to 5
Boyfriend claims he wants a king size.. which means I need about 11 more.
We'll see how THAT goes...

I'm using mostly Carnaby Street prints for these
mixed with some blenders and coordinating ones from my stash

This is one of those slow and steady projects.. I cut fabric when I'm in the mood to prep projects
then when I have an hour or two to kill i'll make a block

Slow and steady wins the race! 

I like where this is going! 


  1. Just keep plugging along. They look great!

  2. Beautiful! It'll be stunning when it's finished


  3. Really pretty! I finished my blocks last year but still have not put them together. Yes, I hate sashing that much!

  4. I love your blocks,nothing wrong with slow and steady. enjoy the process.

  5. I was working on Swoon blocks this week too. I love the pattern and the impact of these huge blocks. I only have 3 of my 9 made. It does feel like the block goes together pretty quickly but oh so much prep with the cutting and marking and then cutting again to get the flying geese and HST's. Looking good!

  6. Definitely have to put a swoon on my never ending to-do list. Yours will be a beauty!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  7. I say if bf wants a big 'un he should start sewing ;o)

  8. I love your fabrics! Beautiful

  9. Very nice swoons, love your fabric pairings :)

  10. I just finished my swoon quilt on Saturday. Just a little tip if your wanting to make a King sized quilt, then do not make extra blocks, because if you do it will not lay right on your bed, instead add extra borders, this way the 3x3 blocks will be centred on your bed, if you add extra blocks then some will be half on half off the bed, if you want more advice on how to do this let me know and I can explain more, check out the pics on my blog too to see how I made it into a king, this also that your doing full sized blocks and made them smaller!

  11. I just love the swoon blocks! I need to make a swoon quilt.

  12. there is something about that swoon is gorgeous no matter what fabric. Every one is beautiful

  13. Slow and steady is find - it's sure going to be worth it!


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