Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Puffs, puffs, puffs

Still working over here.. chugging along. My goal for the week was 2 runners, 2 puff quilts by Saturday.. So far, i'm 1 for 3

1. One done and shipped
2. Waiting to be quilted

Puff Quilts
1. Still waiting for borders... patiently.

2. Almost ready for borders.

In other news,
Happy Go Lucky is here!!!
Bundles are listed in the shop, here's some eye candy for you

Hopefully i'll be more fun soon and have more to show,
 I have Monday off so thats a perk! :)


  1. In your little "You might also like" bit at the bottom of your blog, I just saw Rachel & I at Sewing Summit! ;-) Good memories! Anyway, I do not envy you those puff quilts! yikes. Hope you get past those soon! And nice to hear you are getting Happy Go Lucky! Will you be getting charm packs too?

  2. Good luck getting all that done! You will definitely deserve some cold beer and beach time after that!!


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